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to continue to abuse my neighbour's dog?

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iProcrastinate Sun 26-May-13 11:21:22

Sorry for the dramatic title, but that is what I am being accused of doing!

The sun has finally come out here, so I've let DD (4) play out in the garden, in her sandpit, tent and with a bucket of water etc. She isn't a loud, screamy child but does chat away to herself constantly.

My neighbours have a dog, not sure what breed, it's quite small in stature but has a massive head and broad shoulders. I've already had problems as this dog barks its bollocks off everytime we walk past the house (hard to avoid as we are at the end of a cul de sac) and the neighbour doesn't like us doing this as it upsets his dog.

DD was happily playing in the garden, I was in the kitchen with the patio open (she wasn't being noisy, I could hardly hear her through the open doors) and I hear neighbour shouting "Excuse me! Excuse me!" over the fence (7ft fence so we can't see into each others gardens etc)

I answer to him and he asks if I can keep DD inside the house as his dog doesn't like DD playing outside, I can hear dog panting and making sort of growly snarly noises behind the fence. I'd heard it barking earlier but it barks most of the time in my experience so I didn't think anything of it! I asked if he could keep his dog inside if it was so upset by a child playing quietly. He said it would be against his dogs rights to be kept in when it's warm he leaves his back doors open and dog likes to come in and out as it pleases.

I said DD is just playing quietly in our own garden, he said it didn't matter, his dog knew she was there and didn't like it. He was being quite arsey short with me so I just said back that its not our problem if his dog didn't like children, and we are allowed to use our garden (heaven knows we pay enough rent to use it!)

He snaps back "I'll report you to the RSPCA! You are causing unnecessary distress to my dog! You are abusing an animal" - I hear him storm back into the house, the he shouts back "Just you hope he doesn't work out how to get through the fence!"

If DD was being noisy, I'd ask her to be quiet and see his point, or if she was playing right next to the fence, but she's not, she's at the other end of the garden and I can hardly hear her 8 feet away. I've continued to let her play out but am sitting in the garden with her now, and can hear the dog pacing on the other side of the fence, breathing noisily.

I'm not a dog person and I don't know much about them - AIBU?

SoleSource Sun 26-May-13 20:20:11

I hope i don't get flamed but

A) inform police
B) keep a diary ~ times, dates everything.
C) check fences each day incase he tampers with it...
D( do not retaliate yourself
E) do you know anybody to anonymously beat the crap out of him for threatening your child?
F) is he my ex neighbour reincarnated, who dropped dead

Thank fuck

Bakingtins Sun 26-May-13 21:21:06

Siiiigh - it's an offence to have a dog off lead on a public highway. To come under the rules of the dangerous dogs act they don't have to actually cause anyone harm, just a "reasonable person's" anxiety that they may do so. Phone the dog warden, they'll come and have a word. Or if you get on okay speak to them first and explain that the dogs being loose makes you anxious.

OP YANBU and your neighbour sounds like a loon with an unpleasant dog. I'd report him to the dog warden for causing a nuisance and to the police for threatening your daughter.

cathpip Sun 26-May-13 21:28:40

Invite my two round, they are really loud and ds will shout at the dog and tell it to shut up if it barks! The man is a knob smile

ArtexMonkey Sun 26-May-13 21:32:11

Ugh, I'd def ring the polis, what he said about it getting through the fence sounds horrible.

Mother2many Sun 26-May-13 22:04:34

YANBU...I would of laughed... Good on you for handling the barking in the first place!

I know down our street, there are 5 Mini Eskimo Pomeranian Mix/type dogs.. and the bark constantly. I can hear them 1/2 mile away! When the kids and I walk by, they go crazy. To the point one actually gnaws at the fence! Honestly act like rabid dogs! (even attacking each other!) She came out many times to see if we were "teasing" them... I said, we aren't bothering them at all..

So... Next time DD is outside, go out and play with her...kick a ball, have fun, laugh loud...ooopss, did I say that? lol

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