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to think that at a children's disco, boys and girls shouldn't be encouraged to judge each other on their looks - hot or not stylie.

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EightToSixer Sat 25-May-13 16:32:53

DD has just come back from a kids birthday party - they are all year 6 so 10-11 years old.

Apart from the standard dance-offs etc, the children were encouraged to stand in an arch (boys) and for the girls to dance under the arch and when the music stops, be captured and judged by thumbs up - hot and thumbs down - not (ugly) by the boys that captured them.

Am I alone in thinking that its entirely unacceptable to judge pubescent children - who in Year 6 are just learning about sex-ed, just getting their first bras etc - on their looks alone in a party format.

Willing to accept the judgement of mumsnet if I'm being overly precious about this, but surely, public appreciation/mocking of appearance in such an organised setting isn't really to be encouraged among children?

delusionsofadequacy Sun 26-May-13 08:11:23

It sounds like a game version of the equally horrible videos that my 13 year old cousin gets tagged in on face book. They call them hot or not videos and they seem to list their class and decide if they are hot or not! I would def complain to the DJ

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