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to think Lelli kelly shoes are in fact the work of the devil

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ChairmanoftheBored Sat 25-May-13 07:24:51

NOT toddler reins as previously suggested. The advert for Lelli Kelly shoes is just awful. Little girls running around in a completely pink set, with overpriced sandals on. But its all good, 'cos you get a free pink, flashing, sparkly cupcake with pink lipgloss in!!!!!!
Argggggg!!!!!!! What a bloody joke.
Of course my DD who is 5, now really wants a pair! That's what you get for putting on milkshake for DC on a Saturday morning so you can come on Mumsnet! Naughty, naughty Mummy. grin

wintertimeisfun Tue 08-Jul-14 11:50:59

dd always wanted a pair but there was no way i was going to buy them. too flashy/showy for my taste. the bloody adverts were awful too. those bloody precocious 'darlings' poncing around. worst free gift advertised was a mobile phone (toy obviously..) with lip gloss etc

shirleybanister Tue 08-Jul-14 11:39:34

I am very concerned that there are no strict standards for children's footwear. Poor quality shoes or boots, without appropriate support can cause long lasting damage. It doesn't really matter what the top looks like so long as the foot is supported. Money spent on good quality footwear is worth every penny. Sadly, even expensive shoes are not always supportive, and unfortunately Lelly Kelly footwear falls into this category. We really need a campaign for supportive children's footwear indicated by an easily recognised symbol.

mambo79 Sun 23-Jun-13 14:01:04

I am astounded of the lack of understanding on here of what good quality shoes do for childrens feet. A lot of people seem to think that paying more than £30 for a pair of childrens shoes is extortionate and not worth it.

But paying anything less will do damage to your childrens feet. For childrens feet to grow healthily, they have to wear good fitting shoes with quality leather. And you wont get that for anything less than £30. You can go and buy some shoes from Primark, Asda or as one person frighteningly put it Aldi but they will be synthetic leathers that will fall apart after a couple of weeks and done damage to the child's foot. If you are a parent who cares for your children's feet you will have to invest in decent footwear. If you dont care about your children's feet go to Aldi.

RazzleDazzleEm Sun 23-Jun-13 12:29:51


I have always tried to get shoes in sale but the feet did not play ball, very difficult to fit unfortunately.

I really dislike the emotional black mail from brands like Clarkes too.

HoppinMad Sun 23-Jun-13 12:20:08

I agree razzle on how expensive kids shoes are sad. Their feet grow so quickly that its very hard to buy so often so end up buying one size bigger

I usually buy clarks shoes for ds1 when on sale (half the price) which do last, he has never damaged shoes bless him, only get rid when he has outgrown them. Bought some from brantano, some unknown brand, and they really cause his feet to stink!

Sorry to go off topic!

MunchMunch Sun 23-Jun-13 12:16:41

Just to let you all know that next week Aldi have Lelli Kelly look-a-likes for £8.99.

Dd has some LK's and ive found them surprisingly hardy.

FannyFifer Sun 23-Jun-13 12:03:30

My 3 year old loves all things sparkly much to my disgust.

However £50 for a pair of toddler shoes is absolutely outrageous.

I did buy her the Dunnes version though which are practically the same & only £14.

fuzzywuzzy Sun 23-Jun-13 12:01:17

They're really badly made, the school shoes fell apart about three months in to the new school year (serves me right for buying the overpriced crap).

The sandals altho super sparkly and irritating last well. Yuo could do what a clever mum did, buy pink sandals stick sparkly crap on it and present it as Lelli Kelli

RazzleDazzleEm Sun 23-Jun-13 11:59:26

Yep Love the shoes, really pretty! But far too grossly over priced as indeed Clarke's and most children's shoes are. There is no good middle market any longer, Really sad as most parents cannot afford to buy TWO pairs of shoes per school year so they will be in poor fitting super market shoes.

Also cannot bear LK advertising.

Shame shoes are becoming only for the rich.

Rant just about over...

littlemisssarcastic Sun 23-Jun-13 11:58:09

I will be buying DD a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes this summer if I could find a shop close enough that sells them, although I will travel if i have to.
I want a pair of shoes for DD that last longer than 3 weeks before they're coming apart at the glued seams.
Clarks shoes are flimsy and fall to bits imo and despite hearing complaints about lipgloss and hair extensions or glittery sparkling sequins, most people agree they are well made.
Their quality sells them to me. FWIW DD isn't into them, but I'm sick of buying crap shoes that fall apart.

LEMisdisappointed Sun 23-Jun-13 11:49:29

My friend bought her DD a pair, was very proud of herself hmm She was less proud of the plasters her DD had to wear on her heels!

When they first came out i quite liked them but refused to buy them because of the sickly advertising and the "make up" bribes that the company uses. Now I just don't like them.

Funny that there is a site adverstising shoes attached to this thread - just saying!

HoppinMad Sun 23-Jun-13 11:43:15

Yanbu - hate the adverts for LK shoes, hate the flowery sparkly glittery design bleurgh though I'm sure they will be sturdy and well- built considering the price on them.
Makes me so glad I have DSs (ds1 going through the 'I hate girls and anything pink' stage so I can rest easy for a while).

CheshireDing Sun 23-Jun-13 11:21:33

I haven't seen any adverts for them but we bought pfb some summer sandal types about 2 weeks ago. I hate anything too girly but have been limited to finding sandals for the really hot days small enough for her.

The 2 things I didn't understand were -

Why the toddler size 3 came with blusher and a lip balm - she is 19 months!! hmm

How to clean fabric shoes which are full of sparkly bits.

mandyl65 Sun 23-Jun-13 11:13:03

LELLI KELLY - I own two children's shoe shops and stock MANY brands, inc. Lelli Kelly, brands which you would think deliver the finest design for fitting and quality. I am aghast at the comments regarding LK. "The Devil's work", what? In 3 seasons we have FITTED and sold circa. 2000 pairs of canvas and had less than 10 faulty returns! This compared to returns for blistering and poor quality in other well known brands just goes to prove my claims! They are not TAT! They fit better than even the most prestigious brands' claims and rarely develop a fault! Not even the beads fall off in the flaming washing machine after revolving 1000's of times in water, let alone that 1000 spin setting! You just do not like the glitz of them ladies, and the make-up is not always the pull for the girls. They actually love the shoes too. In fact only 40% ask for the gift, so please do not try to destroy their quality image. They are of the highest quality and designed with children's feet in mind. I've no doubt most of the one's complaining wear "hand me downs", which quite honestly is the WORST thing a mother could do to enhance their child's foot development! There it's off my chest now, and the only reason I saw this somewhat frenzied reaction to a girls piece of footwear is because somehow it has landed on the first page of Google amongst those advertising Lelli Kelly to prospective buyers. Well done Google!!!

Hulababy Sun 26-May-13 08:50:36

Who are these little girls who can't think for themselves? I've met many an infant school age and all have a very good sense of self and own opinions. Just because some like pink doesn't mean they're not thinking for themselves, maybe they really do just like it. Same as those who despite pink and glitter - we assume they're thinking for themselves and not just copying what mummy tells them?

MiaowTheCat Sun 26-May-13 08:15:28


You have the velcro ppfhhht pppfhhhht - then you have the shoe off - then the fucking doll out - and then 20 hands all telling you helpfully that "Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss (one thing I've concluded over the years is that the amount they can drag the word Miss or Mum out to is directly in proportion to the lack of urgency of what they're telling you) Jenny's got her shoes off again"

Wrigglebum Sun 26-May-13 07:13:59

After watching a Lelli Kelli advert followed by one for Cabbage Patch Dolls DS (3.10) turned to me and said "things for girls are quite silly aren't they mummy?"

After I'd explained boys could have dolls I had to admit he had a point.

funkybuddah Sun 26-May-13 07:10:59

Ah ok, dds boots were just normal flat Black calf length boots, don't like the sound of these padded monstrosities.

Sokmonsta Sun 26-May-13 06:04:45

Yanbu. They are surpassed by those bloody stompeez slippers though!

goingmadinthecountry Sat 25-May-13 23:47:59

Flogging, I'm the parent. I'd explain and buy an alternative. The same way I did when bil bought her a Bratz tour bus when she was 5. It went straight back to the shop.

mrscumberbatch Sat 25-May-13 22:36:49

If somebody bought facepaint for DD's birthday - that'd be a great present. (Bloody messy though!) It can encourage creativity and imagination etc and is good fun.

Makeup though, oh you get to look 'pretty'. Sound wonderful eh? wink

Smudging Sat 25-May-13 22:14:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrscumberbatch Sat 25-May-13 22:07:04

In reply to poster's upthread- I was a bit horrified because lipstick for under 10's is totally inappropriate.

I don't 'ram' anything down DD's throat. But I want her to stay a child as long as possible, and by objectifying and 'beautifying' girls they are under increasing pressure to conform to a media stereotype of girlishness.

I love that your DD is into sharks, that's great but it's not going to help the majority of young girls who can't think for themselves and are having glittery 'beautifying' tat handed to them on a platter.

Goingmad- If I'd really thought it out I would have refused it but the woman was being genuinely lovely and thought she was doing something nice for us so I appreciated the thought etc.

beatricequimby Sat 25-May-13 21:56:15

The worst bit in the CITV advert is where one of the girls says the hair extension thing is 'just like real like highlights'.

Because real highlights are what you want when you are 7. Boak.

miffybun73 Sat 25-May-13 21:21:08

YANBU, they're revolting and now DD aged almost 3 NEEDS some after seeing the ad on Citv sad

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