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AIBU to think I shouldn't have to pay twice?

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lollydollydrop Fri 24-May-13 11:51:04

I am fuming.

I am a postgraduate student studying full time for a masters and am currently in the middle of my final exams. I print a lot of journal articles in order to revise from, and at home we have two different printers- mine which is an inkjet and reeeally slow, and OH's which is laser and super fast. I borrow his printer (he never uses it anyway) during times like this as its so much quicker, I dont have to sit there waiting and feeding it more paper, re-aligning it etc as my printer is so crap.I just need to source all my journals, print them and start revising. Quick. Anyway several days ago the ink ran out of the fast laser printer, and so I mentioned to OH who told me to use the remaining ink in my own printer and he would order a cartridge when it ran out. I pay for both cartridges by the way, but OH orders the laser cartridge as I dont have an Amazon account.

So I let him know several days ago we needed a new cartridge, and he said he would order it- I suggested he look at the last cartridge he bought to see which was the correct one (as prior to that we had a 'low cost' cartridge that ended up not working). I told him to order the branded version, even thought it was much more expensive at £45 at least it would definately be the right one, and I needed it here quickly and not have to mess about sending old ones back etc.

So the cartridge came today and I opened it up and tried to get it going- but it didnt fit whatsoever and and after checking, he has ordered the WRONG one. We werent sent the wrong one, he ordered it and this is what came, completely the wrong size, model etc.

Anyway I was pretty mad, as he told me it was ordered etc and when I asked him to order another- the correct one- he asked me for my card number again. I said, no, this was his mistake and why should I pay £90 for ink (i dont have a job and everytime I need money I have to ask my dad). He then tried to twist things and said that it was My fault as I should have checked the box! Why should I presume he was inept and ordered the wrong one? I asked him to re-order the one we knew was right, and he didnt do that, he just completely guessed which one it was. When I protested he said that I should go to the post office and send it back and get a refund before ordering another. Or go to town. Am I missing something here? I dont have time to do this (I know I'm now on MN now but I am struggling to concentrate because of this- we had a massive row) And it wasn't my mistake. Who is being unreasonable here? This will cost time I dont have as my exams are on my doorstep. I am so angry he is being so indignant!! He can be the most difficult, awkward, argumentative person I know sad I need your advice/opinion!

NotYoMomma Fri 24-May-13 11:54:46

I think you are a grown woman and could have easily set up your own Amazon aaccount rather than relying on him to sort it.

You would have had it quicker too...

YDdraigGoch Fri 24-May-13 12:01:10

Oh, for goodness sake, grow up! You and OH are a couple, are you not?

Write it down to experience, order a new one yourself, and try and sell the other one on eBay.

YDdraigGoch Fri 24-May-13 12:02:26

And in them meantime, save what you want to print onto a memory stick, and go and find a friend with a working printer and print your stuff off. Offer to pay for the paper and ink if you're so inclined, or return the favour sometime.
People make mistakes - these things happen.

lollydollydrop Fri 24-May-13 12:02:52

For us that would be like saying we should have two different Tesco delivery accounts, even though we live together. We both use the Amazon, its just that I cant remember the password. The passwords he sets are random letters, numbers and symbols as he is a computer programmer and so thinks in code.

Lweji Fri 24-May-13 12:04:24

And why do you have two separate printers? confused

And do set up an Amazon account. Sigh.

IneedAsockamnesty Fri 24-May-13 12:04:52

So set up your own with a password you remember.

lollydollydrop Fri 24-May-13 12:05:18

I dont have time for any of that YD. I guess you dont understand the time pressure I am under. I have had an illness also which has meant I am now rather behind with everything. The amount of printing I need to do, I couldnt just ask a friend anyway- I would have to find out what cartridge They use, and go and buy one as it would be way too cheeky not to.

Lweji Fri 24-May-13 12:05:20

Ok, or write down the password.

Or change it. grin

Lweji Fri 24-May-13 12:06:00

Or... go to a shop and get it, if you are in a hurry.

lollydollydrop Fri 24-May-13 12:07:09

Two printers as we got them over 4 years ago when we werent a couple.

I will set it up, that is helpful for future, I just dont know what to do about this particular incident.

EduCated Fri 24-May-13 12:07:21

So the passwords a bit tricky? Right it down, save it in your phone under something innocuous.

lynniep Fri 24-May-13 12:08:29

YABU. You could have created an amazon account in two minutes or You should have asked for his password and done it yourself. You're the one who used all the ink. Your excuses are cr*p.

EduCated Fri 24-May-13 12:08:30

Can you not read the articles on screen for now?

MidniteScribbler Fri 24-May-13 12:09:17

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

PuppyMonkey Fri 24-May-13 12:09:48

I think he was trying to help and you should probably have been there while he ordered it to ensure he picked the right one.

ExitPursuedByABear Fri 24-May-13 12:09:48

It takes two minutes to set up an amazon account. I have one. DH has one. We share a bank account.

Bvlgari Fri 24-May-13 12:10:30

How long did it take you to write that post?!
Can't you just buy one from Currys or PCworld?

CoolStoryBro Fri 24-May-13 12:10:35

If you don't have time to set up your own Amazon account, what are you doing writing lengthy OPs on here about ink cartridges?!!

Just order it yourself! It takes minutes.

lollydollydrop Fri 24-May-13 12:10:55

Yeah, its just the money side of things. I cant afford shelling out double, I have No money, my family are funding me through Uni and my rent, bills, etc are all split 50:50 so my dad pays half of the rent here (hopefully one day I can pay them back). OH knows my money situation- parents often forget to transfer money for rent etc and I have been over my overdraft a number of times before and charged. I hate asking my family for money. Hate it. And I would have to ask them/make sure I had enough money in my account and if not ask them for more money. My OH is on 45k a year, and we live up North so not very expensive housing etc. I resent that he would put me in that position, for his mistake.

LastTangoInDevonshire Fri 24-May-13 12:13:09

Or you could do 'forgotten password' reminder at Amazon.

Anyway, I wouldn't pay for a second one, no.

ChessieFL Fri 24-May-13 12:13:22

And why do you have to get money from your dad if you run out? confused

TiggerWearsATriteSmile Fri 24-May-13 12:14:22

You both sound like children.
You took my toy, give it back, I want a new one....

His printer, his ink? What's that all about?
You're a couple, you share and help each other out. Christ it's like talking to a toddler.

Midnite put it well.

Bowlersarm Fri 24-May-13 12:14:42

But OP you can't be under that much time pressure. The amount of time you are spending here is valuable time you could be spending doing something else.

You aren't sounding very mature here. Just set yourself up your own Amazon account-problem solved.

lollydollydrop Fri 24-May-13 12:14:48

Coolstory- here as I cant concentrate like I said. Re ordering myself now, its the money problem like I said also.

Educated- I can yes, and I have to but I am a bit 'old school' when it comes to learning, I need the physical paper to read and hightlight, make margin notes etc. I have tried to work from screen but it doesnt seem to 'go in' as much

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