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or was I the only child in the world who was like this?

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dancingwithmyselfandthecat Fri 24-May-13 09:53:28

Not a fred about a fred but inspired by another poster who mentioned her DSD finding holidays boring because she'd want to make friends not hang around with adults.

I remember people saying this to me as a child about holidays and things - "don't you want to make friends?". "Wouldn't you be happier with kids your own age".

The answer was always a resounding no! I had friends, quite a few, at school and locally. Did that mean that whereever I was, I would always want to choose any random other child to hang around with? Absolutely not!

I find it funny looking back because lots of the adults who would say such things would have rebounded in horror had anyone suggested they take part in any enforced socialising. I mean, if you said to someone "there are two other 35 year olds coming with us! I'm sure you'll have a great time with them" they would probably think you were bonkers. If I said to my great aunt - "there's another old age pensioner! Why don't you two go and make friends?" she'd think I was being a patronising git.

Now lots of children do enjoy the company of random other children, but lots don't. My neices and nephews (two only children, three sibs), for example, all seem to be quite like me. As a society, we tend to except it of adults, but not of children.

Why is this? Or was I, and are my DNs, just old before my time?

Beamur Sun 26-May-13 21:53:56

I was like this too. I remember being traumatised by being forced to go to a kids club once on holiday - I hated it with a passion and felt close to tears the whole time.
I always liked adult company and was never happier than when hanging out with my Grandparents. I spent most of my summer holidays with them in their caravan - they used to go to the same, very basic site - no playground, no other kids usually (it was full of old gimmers like them) and I was happy as larry.
I'm more sociable now, but not much...
My DD is similar, in that she is very good at keeping herself amused, but she is sociable with other children, although has no qualms at removing herself or refusing to play if they are playing something she doesn't like.

mathanxiety Mon 27-May-13 00:54:33

Did parents who took their families on holiday in small caravans or holiday chalets whoosh their children out to 'make friends' more than parents who booked apartments or suites in hotels I wonder?

C999875 Mon 27-May-13 01:29:57

My daughter prefers the company of adults. I think it's because she is the only child and has always been around adults. She was born aware of her surroundings and has grown up very quickly. However now she's that bit older she has her little group of friends and is always with her best friend. xxx

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