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to just want to leave?

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burberryqueen Fri 24-May-13 02:16:45

have had enough of this after 15 years in which time my children seem to have broken or given away or lost everything i ever gave them, talk to me like crap, my ex hates me and them and doesn't see them, all I have is a dirty trashed house to deal with and a son who refuses to attend school, a brother who despises me for being a single mother and we haven't spoken for ten years and the rest of the "family" look down their nose at us and never want to see us even at Christmas, and endless problems with the authorities such as SS and education and fewer and fewer friends with each passing year. i just want to leave, take them to their dad or whatever because as someone is doubtless about to tell me, this is all my own fault and i should have been a more effective parent or a better person or something and i might as well give up for all the good i am doing here

burberryqueen Fri 24-May-13 11:46:18

velvetspoon thanks wine
thanks for all your words everyone, it does help.
raisah that was two separate people posting.
I wouldn't go near that school with a bargepole with any problem, all they do is judge, certainly there is no support on offer. Their attitude scares me. They were bloody quick to jump in with ss and still offer no support. All they are bothered about is their 'naice' children, the ones who go on their expensive ski-trips and learn instruments, which is a handpicked few, certainly not ones with an English single mother who is having problems managing.

VelvetSpoon Fri 24-May-13 18:30:20

Burberry thank you smile and much flowers wine for you too and a sneaky non MN ((hug)). It really is crappy sometimes all this parenting stuff!

Your DC's school sounds like my DSs, I live in a totally 2 parent family area, most mums don't work, the attitude I've always had from the school is along the lines of how come I'm not there every morning to take them to school /make sure they leave on time...the idea I have to leave up to an hour beforehand to get to work utterly baffles them! Both DSs are in the highest ability groups, DS1 is top of his year, so the school don't care. So long as he gets Cs in everything that's fine with them if he does no homework or comes and goes as he pleases hmm

As for the suggestion made by a pp about D of E etc, DS1 asked to do D of E. The school only had 'space' for 10 kids (out of a year of nearly 200). He didn't get chosen. He's wanted to do rugby since he was 11 and built like a prop forward - no local schools play rugby because it's too dangerous...

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