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to hate it when people say "can you take me in your suitcase?"

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CartwrightMiss Fri 24-May-13 01:16:55

Whenever I see a status about someone going on holiday, that comment is is generally guranteed to be said by someone.

It's not original and it's not funny. Aibu?

Tortington Fri 24-May-13 01:19:29


it is a lighthearted attempt to say ' i'm jealous, but in a nice way - enjoy your trip'

i think you need to take up morris dancing

Fanjango Fri 24-May-13 01:19:45

I'd be tempted to say "only if you will pay the excess baggage charge" grin

burberryqueen Fri 24-May-13 01:30:31

it is just a cliche, so what? is your entire conversation cliche free then?

PickledLiver Fri 24-May-13 01:31:26

it's my way of saying "I don't give a crap but by writing out this status you obviously wanted me to feel jealous so I'll reply with something mundane"

but that's really long grin

humblebumble Fri 24-May-13 02:54:30

grin custardo

prissyenglisharriviste Fri 24-May-13 03:24:29

Oh dear op. jealous, much? grin

Yes, YABU. The lighthearted suitcase cliche is, etiquette-wise, the accepted response to gloaty posts re impending travelage.

Life must be very difficult with that stick up your arse.

DonDrapersAltrEgoBigglesDraper Fri 24-May-13 06:00:44

God, it's just a mindless platitude, life is full of them.

Vent on here by all means, but don't expect to see the back of them any time soon.

BellaVita Fri 24-May-13 06:35:09

Custy! grin

TanteRose Fri 24-May-13 06:37:11

you saw it on a "status" as in, FB?

you are being unreasonable to get so emotionally involved in other people's Facebook comments

picnicbasketcase Fri 24-May-13 06:38:16

So, can you then or not? Let me know quickly because I'm not that flexible and I will need to practise making myself as small as possible.

PseudoBadger Fri 24-May-13 06:38:20

How about "can you have a wee for me when you're in there" (not in the suitcase, obvs...

Snog Fri 24-May-13 06:40:11

Annoys me too although I won't mind anymore now I know the excess baggage quip!!

usualsuspect Fri 24-May-13 06:43:17

YABU. Chill.

Maybe you need a holiday?

chickensaladagain Fri 24-May-13 06:44:12


Anyone who posts on FB that they are going on holiday deserve whatever they get including being burgled

SamuelWestsMistress Fri 24-May-13 06:45:31

Surely it's better than saying "oh can you insert me up your vagina like some illegal drugs?"

AKissIsNotAContract Fri 24-May-13 07:00:11

YANBU, it's not funny or original. However I don't think FB is the ideal medium if you want funny and original.

MrsDoomsPatterson Fri 24-May-13 07:04:11

I think peole who say this know it's neither funny nor original. This is part of its charm.

AuntieEggy Fri 24-May-13 07:06:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

exoticfruits Fri 24-May-13 07:25:52

MN always amazes me that people over analyse simple off the cuff remarks - if you took it seriously you would be scared to open your mouth!
Why on earth does it need to be funny or original? confused

PseudoBadger Fri 24-May-13 07:31:30

Cheer up OP - it might never happen grin

AnyFucker Fri 24-May-13 07:36:11

it's inane chit chat, the kind that makes the world go around

like talking about the weather

and blummin' 'eck that wind's a bit nippy

CarpeVinum Fri 24-May-13 07:43:08

It's just a lighthearted comment.

If you get to go and see new places on a regular basis to the point where you hear it all the time I can understand it might wear thin, but on the otherhand in that scenario you get to travel lots, and unless you hate it, maybe focus on the lucky factor that you get to go away lots ?

ParsingFancy Fri 24-May-13 07:47:24

picnicbasketcase, surely you can go as you are? Label round your handle, job done.grin

CartwrightMiss Fri 24-May-13 07:49:47

Oh dear op. jealous, much?

Jealous of what? confused

you saw it on a "status" as in, FB?

Not just a status, I mean whenever anyone says "I'm going to X in X amount of days" or just in general conversation.

*YABU. Chill"

confused why? I'm not even worked up in the slightest, people can express a dislike for something in a chilled out manner you know.

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