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to show my support for the Armed Forces

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CuntPuffin Thu 23-May-13 11:52:12

Following yesterday's atrocious incident, I chose to wear a Help for Heroes shirt today. I have just been told off by a colleague, saying it was insensitive and inappropriate.

Bearing in mind I am ex-force as is my husband, I disagree and am proud to show my support for our Armed Forces. And told him this in fairly clear words.

Have I got this really wrong, or has he?

Saltire Thu 23-May-13 20:22:26

Iii dont support H4H all the time either for the reasons given bt Lt Eve. Instead we give to RBLS and rafbf and saaffa

Lovecat Thu 23-May-13 22:00:11

That's not what you said, to be fair, Ilovemyself. You made what was on the face of it a very sweeping statement that to be patriotic was to "support" our armed forces/products/people. No mention of degree or exclusions.

From reading your post I took you to mean that if you didn't support the armed forces (no matter what they do) then you weren't a patriot. My apologies if that's not the case.

Ilovemyself Thu 23-May-13 22:40:16

No problem lovecat. I am learning to be as specific as poss with posts on here lol.

AuntieStella Thu 23-May-13 22:55:15

You can hold the viewpoint that you support the Armed Forces, pretty much regardless, because it is not they who decide the missions they are deployed on. Britain is not ruled by the military.

The responsibility for whether it is right or moral to engage force rests squarely with the Government who decide on the campaign, its parameters and its legality.

pigletmania Fri 24-May-13 00:07:29

Yanbu wear it with pride, forget the PC dogooders. Supporting the Armed forces, and showing support to the soldier who lost his life does not mean you support racism or Islamophobia.

peskyginge Fri 24-May-13 00:31:39

Yanbu and I like the assumption from quite a few on here that people who have Muslim beliefs would be offended by that not a racist opinion in itself?!

seeker Fri 24-May-13 07:39:22

If the t shirt has been hijacked by the EDL then, while muslim people would have no right to be offended by it, they might justifiably be very wary.......

pigletmania Fri 24-May-13 09:47:30

Even if it's been hijacked by EDL who has also hacked many British symbols to support their racist ideologies, if you are wearing it to show support for the troops and of the poor soldier who died who cares.

seeker Fri 24-May-13 13:29:04

Well, I care abut making my peaceful neighbours worry that I might be a racist thug.......

AuntieStella Fri 24-May-13 13:34:05

I think EDL might have difficulty hijacking H4H, given its royal and other high profile supporters.

noddyholder Fri 24-May-13 13:52:38

Well they marched through brighton wearing the t shirts and rattling buckets so I would say that is pretty well hijacked Luckily they were run out of town by a huge crowd of locals and the police. Apparently they think the Pavilion is a mosque which shows the intelligence level

WilsonFrickett Fri 24-May-13 13:59:34

if you are wearing it to show support for the troops and of the poor soldier who died who cares.

But how does someone know that's why you're wearing it? How can someone know that just by looking at you? And again, we're talking about workwear, not what people wear when they're out shopping. The standards for what you wear at work are different.

littlediamond33 Fri 24-May-13 15:41:10

wear it with great PRIDE. I would if i had one.My thoughts are with the soldiers family and friends.

GoshAnneGorilla Fri 24-May-13 16:00:20

PeacefulSeagull - thank you for mentioned about the US. It is important to note that OTT rhetoric doesn't actually translate into providing decent care and treatment for "Our Boys". In a decent society HfH wouldn't need to exist.

I also absolutely think the Armed Forces should be open to criticism, just like any other public body. Otherwise you end up with things like the Deepcut barracks deaths, which were swept under the carpet.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Fri 24-May-13 18:03:55

if I had one I would wear it too.

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