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Going broad in very high temperatures with a baby/toddler- is it wise ?

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Doubtfuldaphne Wed 22-May-13 09:22:06

AIBU to be worried about taking my 2 yr old abroad in the beginning of August ?
It will be so hot and I'm worried she'll get ill or sunstroke!
I'm very very fair and remember at 3 yrs old blistering and feeling terrible the whole time
I don't know whether to go or not. The first two weeks of August are the only time we can go.

CreatureRetorts Wed 22-May-13 09:22:54

Why did you book it then? confused

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Wed 22-May-13 09:24:35

She will be fine....keep her in the shade when you can, get her one of those protective sunsuits and make sure she wears a hat and all will be fine! Keep topping her up with sun lotion.

I remember when I was a kid I always burned but then we werent aware as we are now of the potential dangers. I am far more dilignet with my DS than my parents were with me and so far he has never had sun burn even in Spain in the summer smile

Omnishambolic Wed 22-May-13 09:25:23

Presumably this is somewhere where people do have children (albeit perhaps not as fair as yours)? You need to be responsible and do what they do. Slather her in suncream, make sure she's got a hat (and sunglasses if she'll keep them on), go out in the mornings and later afternoons but avoid the sun 11-3, plenty of drinks. She'll only get sunstroke if you don't behave as a responsible parent.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Wed 22-May-13 09:29:57

Kids sun cream as they have a high SPF, sun suit, hat and keep in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Be sensible about it and you'll be fine.

Doubtfuldaphne Wed 22-May-13 09:30:58

Thank you. Maybe I just need advice really as haven't done this before. I haven't booked it yet.. My husband wants to but I started worrying so he's just waiting for me to agree!

Peevish Wed 22-May-13 10:54:44

I have to say that in your case, if it isn't booked, I would probably choose somewhere less hot for that time if year. Not that you can't keep your child perfectly safe with the advice given by other posters, but it can be a bit of work... Though I'm no fan of raging heat myself, which probably colours my view.

Nanny0gg Wed 22-May-13 11:49:02

Do you have to go in the school holidays?

If not, September might be a better bet.

Doubtfuldaphne Wed 22-May-13 11:54:23

Yes.. Dh is a teacher and we have festival bookings in the summer as we're in a band too. These first two weeks are the only ones spare now. Can anyone recommend somewhere that doesn't get too hot in August? Not uk though! I don't know if that's possible!

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Wed 22-May-13 11:56:21

Consider something like this
You can find full length swimsuits in the supermarkets too.

and one of these for the beach

DH is N African and the DC have gone to his home country in the summer since they were small. We use high factor sunscreen, sun suits or full length swimming costumes and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day (perfect time for a leisurely lunch and a nap).

Lulabellarama Wed 22-May-13 11:57:49

I really wouldn't.
Looking after a small toddler/baby, who isnt used to the heat is miserable. It makes them grouchy and you'll be constantly trying to keep them in the shade/top up their suncream/get enough fluids into them.
Go for somewhere cooler until they're a bit older, it's far easier and more relaxing.

monkeyfacegrace Wed 22-May-13 12:01:59

Depends where you are going. Im, at this moment, in the Caribbean with my two. But, there is no walking/activities involved, we are literally at the pools all day every day.

They burnt a bit on the first day as I misjudged the heat, but are fine now.

If its a chill out holiday, go for it.
Sightseeing holiday, NO!

MrsHoarder Wed 22-May-13 12:16:24

There's plenty of options. Somewhere in Europe from mid-France north would be my choice. Either the Vendee, Brittany or an inland trip somewhere.

mijas99 Wed 22-May-13 12:24:24

August in the North of Spain is usually very sunny but with much cooler temperatures than the South - maybe 25c would by usual

The beaches and food is much better too!

handcream Wed 22-May-13 12:29:11

What about the Italian Lakes (north Italy) Loved Bellagio and so beautiful. Italians love kids......

Weather not so hot as the South. Avoid Greece, Spain etc if you are looking for something cooler.

Please think about air conditioning if you do go. It makes such a difference.

Weegiemum Wed 22-May-13 12:40:27

IME children cope pretty well with heat. We took our dc backpacking in central Ameica when they were 5,3 and 16 months. Cool clothes, plenty sun cream and drinks, and a siesta for us all - worked fabulously! It's was really hot, but we just stayed in if it was too much and went out when it cooled down.

Snuffleupicus Wed 22-May-13 12:43:48

They'll adapt,seriously, but its you that needs to be prepared..
Offer water hourly. Or milk. Juice if you have to.
Sun suit and wide brimmed hat and 2 hourly sunscreen when outdoors. Even in the shade. Nappy or pants only indoors. Sheet on bed. Cool baths and showers.
Offer more water/fruit/juice
Limit strenuous effort in hot part of day.

It gets to 40+ here in summer, and we get a frost in winter so full range.
My dd (3) doesn't even notice.

Fightlikeagirl Wed 22-May-13 12:44:59

We have taken our dc abroad most years since they were a few months old.
Mornings by the pool/ beach using all usual sun protection- hat, sunscreen etc. Lunch out of the sun then an afternoon nap in your air conditioned room then back to beach/pool/walk into town late afternoon when the sun isn't so strong.
Lovely relaxing holidays- ah I miss those! - dc are older now, no more afternoon naps- they want me to be playing tennis/ football/ volleyball instead- exhausting!!!

CreatureRetorts Wed 22-May-13 12:50:37

My DCs don't like the heat (3&1) despite not being predisposed to burning - they tab incredibly quickly and easily.

I second northern Europe suggestions. Italy would be amazing!

megsmouse Wed 22-May-13 13:02:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

megsmouse Wed 22-May-13 13:04:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saski Wed 22-May-13 13:06:03

It will be fine.

We were in Greece in August when my youngest was 2. My husband and I thought we were going to die, the kids were absolutely fine. You have to remind them to take sips of water every 5 minutes if you're walking around, though.

Beamur Wed 22-May-13 13:07:26

I'd go to northern Europe too given the choice. We took the kids to the south of France a few summers ago and the only problem we had really was night-time temperatures - during the days we could run fans indoors, avoid the sun etc, but the fan was too noisy at night and kept DD awake but she was very hot and found it difficult to sleep. She was 2 at the time as well.

Doubtfuldaphne Wed 22-May-13 17:43:57

Ok I'm sold- all this talk of holidays is making me want to go now!
Northern Spain sounds nice- Dh speaks Spanish too. Bonus!

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