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not to cook dinner for dh?

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AmberSocks Tue 21-May-13 22:20:31

dh has been on at me for ages to cut his hair,i really dont want to,im not a hair dresser although ive done it a couple of times before and its looked ok,it was only by chance i think.he wont go to the hairdresser because he says he hates having to make conversation with them.....,hes very anti social.

tonight he came dwnstairs and he had shaved his head,grade 8 on top and 4 underneath and told me now he had done that i had to tidy it up,he has a big meeting tomorrow,i was annoyed bt had a go,it took ages,the kids were still up and needed to go to bed and me and dh still hadnt eaten,this was at about 8.30,i couldnt get it to look right so i gave up and he put the kids to bed while i hoovered up the 5 tonnes of black hair allover downstairs.

when he came down he said whats for dinner,i told him what we have but said i didnt fancy cooking as im tired now(also pregnant)so either he makes dinner or just make himself something quick(was 9.30 now)he was really annoyed and said he couldnt believe it and said it hit a new low(no idea what he means)and said im selfish.

i dont think iabu,but am i?

fastyspeedyfast Thu 23-May-13 02:31:02

You have 4 little ones, another one on the way, he owns his business, you must be operating on little sleep with your youngest wriggler... you two are under a LOT of stress. I'm not defending his behaviour (was twattish) or his views... but maybe you two should consider Relate? This scenario would be tough in the best of relationships, and it doesn't sound like you have the best of relationships at the moment. I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight, and tomorrow you both should think about how to improve things.

Ledkr Thu 23-May-13 06:36:38

Op I've been married twice and have a total of five chikdren.
If I'm cooking then ill do something for everyone but if not I have absolutely no interest in what a grown able bodied adult eats or doesn't eat! The possession if a bag uns dies not mean I'm responsible for my husbands nutrition. If he's hungry he can see to his own needs.
Was your husband starving and skeletal when you met him?
No, I thought not. You see he can feed himself.

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