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To think my child will not get bullied for being called.......

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AmataesAmataes Tue 21-May-13 14:10:31


36wks pg with baby no1, don't know the sex of the baby yet, however MIL, DM and various friends laughed when I suggest "Rupert James" was on our list for boys names, apparently if I call my son this he will be forever teased at school and be called "Rupert bear" expected to wear yellow trousers etc hmm. DH just shrugged about this.

So AIBU to tell them to mind there own and use this name anyway (if I have a son) or am I setting my child up for a life of torment?

Other names we like:

Frederick James (Freddie)
Archibald George (Archie)
Cassius Paul
Lucius George


Penelope Rose
Delilah Jane
Clara Jane
Evangeline Jane

ChaoticTranquility Tue 21-May-13 15:37:00

I loved Rupert Bear smile


CAF275 thank you. I was just trying to think of the name of the actor who was named Rupert, other than Rupert Grint.

OP it does depend on where you live really. It's not a name I'd choose but even if it was I wouldn't use it where I live but if you live somewhere with similar names then go for it. Don't let anyone else put you off.

Astley Tue 21-May-13 15:39:07

I suggested Rupert, DH said 'they will be tormented throughout their school years'.

For him Rupert is on the same level as calling your child Apple or MyraHindley Junior, just one of those things you must not do hmm

sue52 Tue 21-May-13 15:49:13

There were a couple of Ruperts and an Archie at DD's primary school. There was no teasing that I was aware of. You have picked out some lovely names for both girls and boys. Ignore those who say otherwise.

ephemeralfairy Tue 21-May-13 16:16:46

<comes over all funny due to gratuitous Grint-fest>

Rupert's a cool name.
Not Lucius though. As soon as they start on the Potter books that'll be it. Endless teasing.

DeskPlanner Tue 21-May-13 16:24:50

I like it, its the nicest boys name on the list Imo. From your girls list, I like Clara and Penelope best.

ll31 Tue 21-May-13 16:30:11

Only issue I have with Rupert is too many r s.. Purely based on having difficulty saying them as child

squoosh Tue 21-May-13 16:31:58

Rupert is one of those names that for many people means 'Hello I am very posh and cannot pronounce my Rs properly'. To be honest that's how I view the name too.

But who gives a fuck what other people think. It's a proper name, it's a name you like. Go for it.

Just stop telling people your favoured names, it'll save you a lot of 'helpful outside opinions'.

StuntGirl Tue 21-May-13 16:36:16

Anyone ever tells you names like that will mean they get teased or they're sissy tell them you're naming them after a gangster rapper.

Master P is really called Percy Robert.
Busta Rhymes is Trevor.
Ludacris is Christopher Brian.
Method Man is Clifford.
Ghostface Killah is Dennis.
Biggie was called Christopher George.

I don't suspect that little lot get teased very often grin

5madthings Tue 21-May-13 16:45:27

Rupert is a lovely name smile

Cassius is my favourite on your list for boys and penelope for a girl smile

Any of your names would be fine smile

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Tue 21-May-13 16:46:53

I hear Rupert I think Rupert Everett - and I was the Rupert Bear generation. It is a name don't have strong opinions on either way TBH.
From your girls list I adore Evangeline. smile

Whilst pregnant I was told by my MIL my name choice for my DD was awful... so that is the name I chose grin .
My MIL seemed to think I should name her the name she had wanted to name DH had he been a girl. Whilst it is a lovely name she had her chance to name a baby, this was mine and DH's turn!

People will always have opinions on what you name your child prior to their birth, and they will voice it. But if you tell people after your child is registered and they tend to keep their opinions to themselves.
My advice to all expectant parents would be to tell no one till you announce the birth.

Blissx Tue 21-May-13 16:51:24

I don't think he will be bullied-I teach a Roderick and inner city kids don't bat an eyelid. To be honest, it is usually other adults that can be rude about names.

TigOldBitties Tue 21-May-13 16:56:52

Where I live this wouldn't go down too well as it would mark you out as being 'posh', but ultimately its your choice, the names I've apparently used are 'chav' names and will ruin my DCs lives.

A few of them have made it to adulthood without any problems so I can't see really much truth in the mn hysteria surrounding names.

ChunkyPickle Tue 21-May-13 17:15:11

I've only ever known lovely Ruperts (OK, a sample of 2, but still) - Rupert will by no means be the most unusual name at your child's school.

Even back in my day I can't think of anyone bullied for their name - bullies move with the times and find new things to pick on.

AtYourCervix Tue 21-May-13 17:19:11

Rupert is my favourite name. My cat is Rupert because I never got around to having a son.

Also love clara and evangeline.

AKissIsNotAContract Tue 21-May-13 17:21:48

Great list stuntgirl

Aloe Blacc's real name is Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III. I've never seen Egbert suggested on a baby name thread.

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 21-May-13 17:24:08

Rupert was on my boy list 18 years ago. I love the name.

I don't associate it Rupert Bear, more Rupert Campbell Black. grin

sweetsummerlove Tue 21-May-13 17:25:57

oh my gosh. I cant believe my daughters name is on your list! We've never met another little girl with the same name.

my sister hates the full version. so what! We regularly shorten it anyways.

we didn't know the sex and were convinced she was a boy. I wanted reuben and inlaws ruined it. don't tell anyone!

Spidermama Tue 21-May-13 17:26:49

I know a grown up Rupert and he's absolutely fab. He gets called Rupes a lot. I think it's a great name and that bear is ancient history now.

OxfordBags Tue 21-May-13 17:27:23

I genuinely know a boy called Rupert Bear (he's about 10 now), and he has NEVER been teased about his namesake. Ever. I think his parents are quite pissed off about that (they are massive jokers).

Your baby name choices are fab, I like all of them, but especially Rupert. If you listened to every naysayer, you'd not be able to use a single name. My cousin had everyone telling her that her son would be NNed Chuck or Chaz, if she called her Ds Charles, but no-one has called him that - except the idiots who banged on Boutit in the first place, FFS!

Go for what you like smile

Theas18 Tue 21-May-13 17:29:07

Rupert was THE cool dude in the year above DD1 at school. Fab name!

5madthings Tue 21-May-13 17:30:24

Having read your other thread op I do find this one quite ironic, you don't want your child headed but yet you are quite happy to judge other parents and children for their name choices. Its those judge mental attitudes that leas to bullying and name calling in the first place.

hamdangle Tue 21-May-13 17:43:31

No one really bullies kids for their names because if you grow up with a kid called Rupert that name sounds normal to you and you don't think of posh or Rupert the bear when you hear the name, you just think of the kid you grew up with. That's why it's always hard naming your own children because you just think 'I can't name them X because they were horrible in school!'

Don't like Cassius though because, and I'm showing my age, Cassius was the fake name of a make model in Just Seventeen magazine when I was growing up! He was a long haired muscly Chippendale type but his real name was Malcolm (don't get many of those these days!) so he'd renamed himself Cassius because it made him sound exotic. I know I should be thinking of Mohammed Ali when I hear the name but I think of oiled up pretty boys and a misspent youth smoking fags and reading J17 behind the shops. Sigh!

littlepeas Tue 21-May-13 17:46:50

I know two adults called Rupert and one child - they are all fairly posh. I like Rupert, but I don't think it is the sort of name that crosses demographics iykwim, so I wouldn't use it unless everything else is going to match.

BackforGood Tue 21-May-13 17:54:43

I don't think it would automatically lead to bullying, but I do think it would be considered 'poncey' or 'very upper class' around here.
Ultimately up to you what you call your children, but I think others on your short list are much nicer.

Decoy Tue 21-May-13 18:02:08

> I don't think it is the sort of name that crosses demographics


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