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How can I help?

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bordellosboheme Mon 20-May-13 23:09:30

Don't know where to post this. Just watched that BBC 3 programme about children accused of witchcraft in the Congo. Am very, very shocked.

I will definitely donate to save the children. But feel so helpless. What else can I do? I didn't know what topic to put this under....

BabsCholmondeley Tue 21-May-13 18:16:15

War Child work in the DRC. You can have your donation to them specifically go there.

I feel similar to you, and very sad that the witchcraft thing is just oneof many awful things going on there.

I donate to War Child monthly as I think they are a brilliant organisation.

Their website is good if you want more info.

bordellosboheme Tue 21-May-13 22:22:58

Thanks for that babs. I am going to look them up right now.

BabsCholmondeley Wed 22-May-13 09:54:21

Wrote in haste yesterday, apologies.

An ex bf used to work for save the children and was very anti them afterwards as he said they spent a lot of money on advertising, admin etc so not enough went to the children in need. They may be better now, but I support and mentioned war child because they work very hard to keep their admin etc costs down and seem very skilled/knowledgeable about the places they work in.

Not witchcraft, but i read an article the other day about the rape of women children and baby girls in the Congo and it made me weep. Millions of people have been killed in recent years there and the international community is largely ignoring the conflict.

I think Anglelina Jolie has been trying to raise awareness about what's going on there, particularly the femicide issue.

What little I know about it is that the problems there are incredibly complex.

I gather a lot of conflict there stems recently from war lords trying to gain/keep possession of the mines that supply us with minerals for mobile phones , laptops etc so you can also help by not upgrading your phone unless you need to, and there is a petition on I think asking Apple to provide products made with conflict free minerals.

Congo Journey by Redmond O'Hanlon and The Poisonwood Bible are good reads about the Congo if you are interested.

I wish I could do more too, I share your sense of helplessness.

Forgive my rambling! smile

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