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to really hate Universal Jobmatch?

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Loulybelle Mon 20-May-13 14:38:59

Im on JSA, and they like you to sign onto Jobmatch, so i did, but i had issues with the account, couldnt get into it, made another, then had an issue with that, email the helpdesk, their advice was to make another email account or wait til the clear the inactive accounts, so i've made another, did a CV on it, and now that account has been lost too. So im gonna have to do this all over again.

They say it'll help me find work, well it wont if i cant get into my account, and see if Employers have contacted me.

Anyone else had an isssue.

Szeli Mon 20-May-13 14:57:10

Yes. YANBU it's shit.

But then most of the things relating to the jobcentre are x

littlemisssarcastic Mon 20-May-13 17:06:15

agree with this

TigerSwallowTail Mon 20-May-13 17:07:13

Yanbu, it is an awful service.

littlemisssarcastic Mon 20-May-13 17:07:19

sorry, not very clear. agree with szeli

sydlexic Mon 20-May-13 17:09:46

Tried to advertise a job it was no better from that side.

Loulybelle Mon 20-May-13 18:46:41

It drives me spare, and for some jobs, you need to be able to sign on.

Szeli Mon 20-May-13 21:36:34

Or ring an 0845 number to get the email address to apply... and it's not at all mobile Internet friendly

rainbowslollipops Mon 20-May-13 22:48:53

Try I found my job on there 3 days before it went on job match.

gordyslovesheep Mon 20-May-13 22:50:41

the whole system is SHITE

ItsallisnowaFeegle Mon 20-May-13 22:52:55

Agree with

As long as you're happy to trawl through pages of unsuitable posts, the site teaming with jobs.

mrdarceych Mon 20-May-13 22:56:55

Its rubbish! Had loads of probs with it

LollipopViolet Mon 20-May-13 23:18:50

All that seems to be on there at the moment for my area are leaflet distributor/canvasser/Avon/whatever type jobs. I am not interested in those!

YANBU, although I found that after upgrading my Mac's RAM, my major problem of it crashing my browser has gone away smile

roadkillbunny Mon 20-May-13 23:45:31

Dh has just been made redundant.
We don't have any real clue how to navigate the system but I do know/think that you need a 'gateway' benefit to access everything else and in out case that wod be JSA.
Slight complication is we have been told we won't be eleigable until the final payment (includes redundancy money but still way under davings threshold) had been payed and that is not till the 31st of this month.
Due to this all being new and needing help on where to start and the slight complication of final payments dh went into our local job centre plus today to try and book an appointment with an advisor.
He came out with a scrap of paper that just said 'jobs sealers allowance' having been scolded that he couldn't possibly speak to anybody until he had filled online forms out.
Why can't you just sit down and talk to a person???

I hate this system. We only just started and I am frustrated and lost.
Hopefully dh will get one of the jobs he is interviewing with next week and all this wont be needed.


ChaoticTranquility Mon 20-May-13 23:51:38

It's all got to be done online now. You apply online then they send you a date/time for an interview to fill out and sign your job seeker's agreement.

OP YANBU the previous directgov website was a lot better than the crap they've come up with.

Mrsdavidcaruso Tue 21-May-13 00:20:36

MY Sister refuses to sign in - she looks on the site and then goes onto the companies websites and applies through there. She then prints out the confirmation emails she gets from the companies she applied to or a copy her JSA advisor cant say anything as she can prove she has applied for the jobs.

Last week she also had copies of 25 other jobs that she applied for which were not even on the UJM site but they didnt even want to see them

wayneypayney Mon 20-Jan-14 17:34:22

Ime fed up of universal jobmatch it should be banned.
just had my 2nd sanction on my money.
i joined jobmatch in september 2013.
i login at least twice a week and apply for 2 or 3 jobs.
when i go the jobcentre and they check account, they say i havent logged in since i created account, and ive applied for no jobs.

whats wrong with my account?

MrsFionaCharming Mon 20-Jan-14 18:19:59

If you're clicking on the link that says 'apply' and it takes you to another site, then it doesn't go into your application history. My advisor said I could add them manually, but I'm not sure how.

CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Mon 20-Jan-14 18:29:33

Is it actually compulsory to sign up to this?

I'd heard it wasn't but that they do try and push you to create an account. I'm dubious though because I've read so many stories of sanctions coming off of problems with the system.

I'm due to transfer to JSA in may but they have already tried to sanction me for missing a workability course that I'd voluntarily put my name down for. They never sent me the details but still tried to cut my Income Support for missing it.

I'd rather give jobmatch a complete miss if possible.

kali110 Mon 20-Jan-14 18:46:11

Its the worst website iv ever used. I logged on and looked quickly the 5 times a week as agreed, but used my 4 other job websites more to actually apply for jobs. This website annoyed the hell out of me! So hard to navigated. It point blank refused to allow me to sign in every day. I would have to log in atleast 2 or 3 times before it would let me in. It crashed once or twice a week. Hated it.

kali110 Mon 20-Jan-14 18:48:21

Also didnt say how many jobs id actually applied for because when i applied it took me to the jobs main site. Im getting angry just thinking about that website grrr

EmpressOfTheWellOfLostPlots Mon 20-Jan-14 18:55:45

I found that about a third of the jobs I looked at on there were out of date, and the formatting on many of them was crap. I'm keeping track of the ones I go for on a Google spreadsheet and taking in printouts.

Having said that, I had an appointment with someone from the National Careers Service today who was great.

maddening Mon 20-Jan-14 18:59:50

I used reed to find and apply for my job when I was looking and still get recruiters calling/emailing me to see if I want a job as they found one that might suit me - sounds like the jobcentre have got it all wrong!

therighttoshoes Mon 20-Jan-14 19:01:38

Yanbu it's shite!! And when you do manage to set up an account and put your skills in, it will bring up the most random jobs. I refuse to use it, my advisor seems ok with that. Indeed is much better.

maddening Mon 20-Jan-14 19:01:42

ps to wastelands - keep screen shots to show them - maybe the screen that confirms your application has been sent?

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