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To wonder how many more child abuse cases have yet to come to light?

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Parajse Sun 19-May-13 15:05:59

This one really shocked me today.

I know people in Sydney involved with RGDANCE. Many of my own dance students watched their youtube videos. Personally I always thought the whole company was trying a little too hard to be 'famous', but I had a lot of respect for the teacher in question and his sister as dance teachers, no one can deny they produce talented young dancers. I was planning to take a group of my own students to their masterclasses in Birmingham in August.

AIBU to wonder how many more cases like this there are out there that just haven't been uncovered yet?

CrapsWithBears Sun 19-May-13 15:14:19

Given the fact that the reporting of sexual abuse and rape is incredibly low, probably a lot, unfortunately.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 19-May-13 15:17:45

As Craps says, it is incredibly common. I know several people abused as children. Only one of those cases was investigated by Police. It is awful to hear the revelations but actually makes me think we are finally taking child abuse a bit more seriously.

Parajse Sun 19-May-13 15:48:10

Good point about it being taken more seriously nowadays, my faith in humanity has been restored a little. It just sickens me that people like this can have access to children in a position of such trust.

LaGuardia Sun 19-May-13 17:32:17

Having spent the week working with people in Child Protection, I don't think anything will surprise me anymore. You cannot believe what is going on out there. I am sickened to the core of my soul.

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