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to eat fresh pasta (spinach and ricotta) that was use by May 17th?

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KatyDid02 Sun 19-May-13 12:20:45

Will it be OK or will I have food poisoning?! I hate throwing food away but didn't notice it lurking at the back of the fridge.

TheCatIsUpTheDuff Sun 19-May-13 12:21:11

That's only 2 days ago. It'll be fine.

HollyBerryBush Sun 19-May-13 12:22:34

Its fine - ooh I really fancy that now

Remotecontrolduck Sun 19-May-13 12:25:50

Definitely fine, chicken/eggs are the only two I really am strict on with use by dates!

NatashaBee Sun 19-May-13 12:32:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

miffybun73 Sun 19-May-13 12:34:55

Definitely fine IMO.

KatyDid02 Sun 19-May-13 12:35:12

OK, it's my lunch then....I'll let you know if I start being sick!

KatyDid02 Sun 19-May-13 12:35:37 tastes ok.

Punkatheart Sun 19-May-13 13:02:07

Eggs have a test. Drop them in water and if they float, chuck 'em away. My chickens are lovely but try as I might, they refuse to put sell-by dates on their produce.

We all need to have common sense and stop all the food waste, which is getting obscene.

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