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Hackney Carriage Licensing

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Onesleeptillwembley Fri 17-May-13 16:57:33

Does anyone know the legal requirements if you use a Hackney and want a full receipt detailing journey start and finish? Or do they change in different cities or towns? Just had the journey/dishonest driver from hell, have reported to company, but wondering whether to report him to the council as well, as they're now closed have until Monday to decide. Was actually shaking with anger, totally unlike me.

HumilityYetStrength Fri 17-May-13 18:19:28

Am not a lawyer but have used taxis a lot for business.

Hackneys are licensed by local authorities - district or city council.

Trouble is that Mini Cabs have to be booked by phone and there would be a record but hackneys are franchises.

You have the right to get the fare checked and to get a to/from receipt. I always say up front that can pay cash but will need a receipt (for business reclaim).

Did you get driver taxi licence number. Should always be displayed with photo. Always check picture on photo before closing door when getting in.

Plus ask for quote first.

If he was operating as a Hackney then company won't get involved. If you booked by phone then counts as mini cab and they should do. Note some have dual licence.

What kind of taxi company is closed at the weekend? Ring and try to book Sat or Sun daytime perhaps?

Hope this helps.

If no joy, speak to a local district councillor and insist they sort it out!

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