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AIBU to think crocodile pajamas are unisex and perfectly suitable for DD?

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CockyFox Thu 16-May-13 12:32:12

This morning I went to Tesco to get DS and DD some pajamas, DD didn't want any of the girls pajamas (cats, cakes, butterflies etc on them) so I said we would look the other side of the shelf for some for DS and go somewhere else for hers.

On the Boy side we selected some with monkeys on for DS and DD saw some with green and blue crocodiles on, and said she liked those. They had her size so I picked up the pack and asked her if she was sure those were the ones she wanted. She was sure so I popped them in the basket at which point an very friendly assistant who had been setting out shoes told me the Girls pajamas were around the other side of the display, I said thank you but we were fine. Then while i was selecting myself some knickers she appeared with a pack of pink pajamas and asked me if DD preferred those. DD bless looked at me and said 'I like crocodiles' so just said again no, we are fine and walked away.

I am sure IANBU, but do you think I am and if I am could somebody please explain what makes crocodiles unsuitable for girls? I am not bothered by the shop assistant she probably has really girly daughters and thought I was trying to make a point and was making sure the crocodiles weren't being forced on DD.

FreudiansSlipper Fri 17-May-13 09:43:25

pinkstinks is a great website smile

StuckOnARollercoaster Fri 17-May-13 09:57:01

I want to post as I feel like I'm with kindred spirits here. Baby not yet born and so much indignation from family that we didn't find out the sex because 'how will we know what to buy'
I saw the cutest little socks in yellows, oranges, blues and greens with little cars and trucks on them. Apparently if we have a girl they can never be used.
I did challenge and got back the view that when people look in the pram they'll make the wrong assumption about the sex - big deal I am perfectly capable of answering the question about the sex or correcting them if they've made the wrong assumption.
I can see many battles ahead so no doubt you'll see me on here in years to come! Plus on eBay selling toys and clothes that have been worn once, photo taken then inexplicably got ruined and disappeared grin

FryOneFatManic Fri 17-May-13 10:06:56

I find it weird that adults seem to classify colours as "boy" or "girls" when they are just colours. I mean, yellow for a girl and green for boys, when adult clothes will feature both colours for either sex.

And it seems more prevalent here in Britain than on the continent. DD went to Germany in March and came back with a lovely emerald green dress and green high heeled shoes. (3.5 inch high heels when she's still not quite 13 - her dad nearly had a heart attack when he saw them grin. I told him he'd lost that battle before it ever started.)

OrangeFootedScrubfowl Fri 17-May-13 13:50:51

I've just had a boy after a girl. My neighbour just had a girl after a boy. She's been round and given me all her blue blankets and blue baby towels. She's even got rid of white things lined with blue.

Kind, but mad. I do not understand why anyone would think their DD couldn't be dried by a blue towel? Why ever not?

OxfordBags Fri 17-May-13 18:53:05

It would turn their clitoris into a penis, that's why not, you fool!

girliefriend Fri 17-May-13 19:24:17

grin at Oxford.

Was thinking about this thread earlier as bought dd some muller corner yogurts (as a treat) they are a new range and have pink and white heart shaped biscuits for girls and brown and white biscuits for boys confused
really ?!

<faints at the gender madness>

MiaowTheCat Fri 17-May-13 19:26:31

By the way - our local Tesco had the crocodile PJs of notoriety reduced today.

MrsDWinchester Fri 17-May-13 19:31:25

It seems the marketing has convinced loads of the population that girls can only use pink and boys blue. At least here on MN there are people who don't listen to that rubbish.

My girls quite happily play with what some people would consider to only be "boys toys". They have their blue lego tubs, their plastic bow and arrows and plastic swords.

They are also obsessed with Star Wars. They have their Star Wars quilt cover and their blue Lego quilt cover. I have had some comments but at the end of the day, children like what they like and you can't force things on them.

I'd rather they be happy than be forced to have something just because it is considered to be the way society wants.

ShadowStorm Fri 17-May-13 22:09:15


I'd find that very annoying too. The funny thing is that it seems to be perfectly fine and unremarkable for adult women to dress from head to toe in blue, or for adult men to wear pink shirts.

It's fine in itself for a little girl to like wearing pink or a little boy to like wearing blue, but it does seem like it's forced upon you because of the vast amount of colour coded children's clothes.

EatenByZombies Sun 19-May-13 01:33:00

I want a set - those pyjamas are fab grin

EatenByZombies Sun 19-May-13 01:33:42

Also, in the very early 20th century, pink was actually a "boyish" colour!

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