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Costypop Thu 16-May-13 11:00:43

I know this about my work but I need to know if aibu in this situation. There are a few questions so please bear with me, So here goes

I started a new job working 3 nights and one day with a private disabled gentleman to provide some personal care but mostly to stop him being bored and taking out about. Now I work "sleeping nights" which means I put the chap to bed, 2 hours work as he has a routine and health needs, then I get up with him 2-3 times a night to turn and make comfy. Now here's the thing I don't have a bed, I have to sleep on the sofa-back ache from hell! But the main issue is the dog, now he doesn't live alone he has 4 other family members living with him, the dog belongs to the mum, but the dog has me up everynight 3-6 times, to go outside, it will barc non stop till it gets what it wants, I have to deal with it. This means I get very little sleep or none at all. Aibu to push to change the "sleeping" night to a waking night, this would also mean extra pay. But to be honest I'd rather have the sleeping night.

The next question is they want me to work a night then go home for 3 hours then come and do a day shift, they say this is fine because I do sleeping nights. The job is a hour round car trip home and in that time I would have to do the school run and do the horse aswell so not really a break. On these days it will be expected to drive there car and take the chap. Aibu to say no? I need more rest then that.

Also they want me to do 24hour care so stating at 7 in the morning and working till 7 the next morning. This brings up a lot of issues as to doing the school run with my son and also I wouldn't get a break

Then there is the issue I them changing my shift 2 days before saying I must a day after a night shift instead of having a break. I've said I can't as too short notice for child care, it's on the weekend as well. But then I am working under my contacted hours, will I get paid for that? As they are the ones who have changed the shift I will be 11hours under the contacted hours so about £100 in pay. Aibu to make a fuss over this

Thank you ever so much, sorry it's a long one

MammaTJ Thu 16-May-13 11:08:38

Are you employed directly by them, or through an agency? I assume because you say private gentleman, not through an agency.

If you are working 'sleep ins', they must provide somewhere suitable for you to sleep surely. If not then you need wake money. Actually, just re-read, the amount of times you get up to him, never mind the dog, you need waking money, that is NOT a sleep in.

A three hour break where two hours is spent driving is no break at all. Yes, you do need more sleep than this.

Quite honestly, they are expecting too much from you. Much better to work through an agency and they protect you from this madness. There is also more job security and also better protection for them, as if you were sick, they would get someone else to cover.

Costypop Thu 16-May-13 11:14:11

It's a small team of 3 of us so pretty much 24 hour care, the other two workers are fine with the above arrangement, but they don't have families or any commitments so I'm left to feel like the bad guy. I am employed by him direct but the paperwork does go thorough am agency ie the agency works out the pay, the chap then pays us out his own bank account

Crinkle77 Thu 16-May-13 11:27:53

It is unacceptable that you have to sleep on a sofa and it is hardly 'sleeping nights' when you have to get up 2/3 times during the night. YANBU at all

Costypop Thu 16-May-13 20:15:58

Anyone else have a view?

rainbowslollipops Fri 17-May-13 05:56:30

This is why I work in a care home not going to the persons home. You need to speak to them and your agency and tell them it doesn't help you much. If they're not happy with that then they will have to find someone else. In my care home we have set hours that don't change unless we make the change. We all do our parts and help Eachother as a team & the night staff work 10 hours not 12 & they're waking not sleeping.

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