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To think you shouldn't turn down the page corners of a library book?

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BeautifulBlondePineapple Mon 13-May-13 20:36:25

Yes I know. Minor problem and all that.

DS age 8 is doing it. I told him to use a bookmark. DH tells me I'm being ridiculous.

Opinions please!

greencolorpack Mon 13-May-13 23:38:01

I think turning over corners is much the lesser of two evils than people who read books and put them face down (ruining the spine) shudders!!!

TigerSwallowTail Mon 13-May-13 23:39:56

I'm getting palpitations just reading this thread, corner turning, highlighting, margin writing and correcting the authors work, in ink...!

Books should be treated with respect.

I need to go and lie down now.

TapselteerieO Mon 13-May-13 23:40:44

I try not to break the spine of my books, I might have read a book four or five times and it still looks unread, until my dh gets a hold of it, dd is a corner folder and my db has been known to rip sections of his book off as he reads it!!! He has a kindle type thing so that doesn't happen now, and even though dh has kindle type thing he still destroys books I have had for decades. I want my books to last for a very long time - I can't understand people who don't look after them.

beecrazy Mon 13-May-13 23:40:56

I use elastic bands as bookmarks, they don't fall out in your bag and when reading outside mean the pages don't blow about. (You have to have one large enough not to damage the pages though.)

GeorgianMumto5 Mon 13-May-13 23:40:57

Yanbu, although it is preferable to using a pube as a bookmark. <shudders> My word, I saw some horrors as a library assistant.

OutragedFromLeeds Tue 14-May-13 00:58:59


LTB. All of them. You deserve better.

beansmum Tue 14-May-13 01:05:57

I turn down the corners to mark pages - and I also turn them down (or up) so the corner is pointing at a word I need to look up. (Sometimes) I unfold them before I return them.

What's the big deal?

I never write in library books - although I quite like it when someone else has.

purplepenguin86 Tue 14-May-13 01:07:41

YANBU - people should use a bookmark. I don't know why people think they have the right to turn down pages on books that don't belong to them, it seems really rude to me.

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 14-May-13 01:40:03

My DB is a librarian. He is a quiet, bookish sort. He will hunt you down and kill you if you hurt the books.

He bought a two bed flat and when my DM asked if they could stay there, my DB looked shock and said, "that room is for my books".

He's single if anyone is interested...

amazingmumof6 Tue 14-May-13 01:54:16

I would never dream of turning the corners or doing any other kind of vandalism to innocent books, especially if not mine!

I don't use a book mark either, I just remember where I left off.
is that rare?

amazingmumof6 Tue 14-May-13 02:09:54

I don't think that writing in your own books is bad though.

I write in my recipe books all the time as I need to remember to adjust the recipe or the gasmark or jot down other details or inspired ideas. I view them as "unfinished", a starting point and as such they should be completed by the user.

I underline special verses in my Bible and make notes on the margins for myself.

If I give a book as a present I always write a note inside for the person receiving it - and I prefer books given to me be the same way.

LittleMissLucy Tue 14-May-13 03:33:53

where I live, in the older library books it states that "folding, marking, creasing, ripping or otherwise defacing is against the law"

MumOfTwoCats Tue 14-May-13 04:23:22

I kid you not when in a sauna there was an idiot girl who was reading a library book! Others asked her if it was her own book and she freely admitted it was the libraries!

MusicalEndorphins Tue 14-May-13 04:52:03

MrsTerryPratchett, I bet if he wrote that on a dating profile it would appeal to a lot of people. Right away they know they will not be plagued with long visits from the in-laws! grin Book lovers will flock to him!

MusicalEndorphins Tue 14-May-13 04:55:03

Way to give my DS1 a heart attack: put a cup on a book, lay a book face down and open, write in it, or fold a page.

MusicalEndorphins Tue 14-May-13 04:58:13

Amazing mum, I write in cook books, and a message inside when I give a book as a present. And I stupidly did underline some things in a book twice, I regret it now.

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 14-May-13 05:11:07

MusicalEndorphins you're probably right. From his FB I think a couple of the female librarians may be interested but he's oblivious. grin

Librarina Tue 14-May-13 06:17:41

To all of those who deface library books, I have only this to say...

And if you use a self-service library and don't swipe your books, please do. We are judged on our issue figures and if they're not good enough there is a real risk that your library will close.

(Rather fancying MrsTerryPratchett's brother right now...)

Sparklingbrook Tue 14-May-13 06:22:10

I am surprised I slept at all last night after finding all this book abuse was rife.

LifeIsBetterInFlipFlops Tue 14-May-13 06:31:26

No....I wouldn't dream of folding corners down, it's not my property to do so.

exoticfruits Tue 14-May-13 06:40:38

I never turn down the corners of my own books, never mind ones that don't belong to me- I can't bear it. If the bookmark drops out get him a magnetic one and insist he uses it.
What I really can't stand in library books are the idiots who think they should correct the author by writing in the margin- they are generally wrong anyway and I certainly don't want their opinion, even if they are right.

sparkle12mar08 Tue 14-May-13 06:51:20

People who break the spines and turn the corners on books that are not theirs should have their hands chopped off and lemon juice rubbed into the bloody stumps... shock

RooneyMara Tue 14-May-13 07:00:17

Mrs Terry I think I might very well be interested!!!!

I would never turn a corner on a book, not even my own...though I used to as a child. My family was obsessed with books, I hated reading as I found it so hard to absorb what I had read (processing issue perhaps, or OCD - I had to go over and over a sentence) so I was often lonely because of books...they read non stop and no one wanted to play with me.

I have a few bookcases full, but I rarely read.
If your DB can cope with a DIYer who likes motorcycles, though, I'd happily put up with a book person smile

RooneyMara Tue 14-May-13 07:01:01

I used to work on short loan in a university library btw. If that qualifies me in any way.

livinginwonderland Tue 14-May-13 07:27:07

i never turn down corners in books. i use bookmarks or old reciepts instead. i did used to write in textbooks, though, but not library ones. it made essays ten times easier and quicker.

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