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to throw in the towel and start again.....

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GirlFryDay Mon 13-May-13 15:30:16

So folks I am a longtime lurker and irregular poster.... I would dearly love a kick in the ass (if you feel its warranted) and some direction...

Basically I am at the end of my tether. Currently off work with anxiety and low mood. This is my fifth week.

Contributary factors:

-Grossly overweight
-Very poor self-esteem
-Subtle/insidious workplace bullying altho this is over now, the prob hasn't been removed and I cant really action anything now)
-messy Marriage
-3 DC
-MASSIVE financial pressures. (neg eguity on our home; 35yr mortgage; am 37; paying 1000 each month; bought house in May 2006) 8k credit card debt in DH name

So am thinking sod it... Just sell the bloody house... get a loan for the shortfall and start again by renting.. I have paid into a mortgage for 12 years now and am worse off than when I started.

Hell on earth right now

What do you think?

MaryRobinson Mon 13-May-13 15:33:29

How much would rent & loan cost?
If you are in a house you are happy o live in, them stay there. In 30 years time it will have increased in value.

GP dietician referral for weight? Counselling for self esteem, are ther any local assertiveness courses?

niceguy2 Mon 13-May-13 15:35:12

How much would you be able to rent a suitable house for and how much would the loan be for?

Often renting is not cheaper than a mortgage.

GirlFryDay Mon 13-May-13 15:44:18

could rent a suitable house for around 80.. wouldn't have to pay 120 in rates (live in NI) etc.... So we cld save 250 ish by renting.
doesn't really seem much after all .

I keep beating myself up for buying the house in this first place. Have had person-centred counselling before but it stopped due to demand/funding I guess.

Starting marriage guidance soon - been at DH for years to do it as we've not been getting along/zero intimacy/sexual rejection by my DH.

Oh god it all sounds so shitty. I wish I could get over the past but am finding almost impossible. Pathetic.

thanks for answering Mary & Nice.

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