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to think that if SATS judge teachers not students...........

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Bogeyface Sun 12-May-13 23:18:32

.......then they shouldnt put such pressure on the kids if they are confident in their own ability to teach?

DD is in a right state about her Y6 SATS. She has had it right left and centre from her teachers (3 on a job share, dont get me started on that). I have read here and other places that the biggest issue with SATS is that the teacher gets appraised on the results.

So if they are good teachers and are confident in their teaching abilities then they shouldnt be making such a big deal out of it? DD is gifted (she has been assessed as such) and yet her nerves mean that she may well have terrible results. Surely the teachers dont want that?

AIBU to think that if you are a good teacher you dont need to pressure the children you are teaching to the point of abject fear?

PS. I have six kids, only one is gifted, before I get jumped on!

loopydoo Tue 14-May-13 09:26:20

I agree teamedward....surely parents can make a stand and do something to get SATS wiped out. My dd is psychologically shattered!

Arisbottle Tue 14-May-13 20:04:32

I am a teacher,I know all about having to play the performance management game , but as professionals we should not make children pay for the pressure we are put under. If I think I am being asked to something meaningless which also harms children, I don't do it and tbh if I am going to be sacked for putting children first, so be it.

I have to justify every single student that does not make the necessary progress or meet their target, but that does not make me out unnecessary pressure on my students.

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