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to call social services?

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I dont want to be told to mind my own business because im genuinely concerned. I'm the first to say I find it hard just getting out of the house most days with DS 10 months. I completely understand that its much harder with more than one DC.
That aside, even on the days we dont go out, I'll still take DS into the garden for some fresh air.

With all that said, I'm really worried about the Wottingers. I rarely see them in the garden or out at all. It must be awful for 8 kids to be locked up in that house all day. It's law that children have the right to play and these poor kids just dont.

I cant believe their naice neighbours havent shown any concern. I'd knock myself but the language barrier is a huge issue. I dont want to call SS and feel silly if it turns out that the kids are at boarding school. But I wouldnt forgive myself if it turns out something untoward is going on.

Not sure if this is an AIBU or WWYD...

girliefriend Sun 12-May-13 22:10:05


<must of missed something>

Shakey1500 Sun 12-May-13 22:11:07

The neighbours do care though? They are always calling for them but seldom are they home.

Eitherway I think you should be reaching for the trubbelyphone.

FreddieMisaGREATshag Sun 12-May-13 22:11:16

Bad taste op, imho.

In The Night Garden, right?

LadyKinbote Sun 12-May-13 22:11:17

I'd be more concerned about Upsy Daisy and the way she keeps indecently exposing herself grin

mrsrupertpenryjones Sun 12-May-13 22:11:26


HollyBerryBush Sun 12-May-13 22:11:46

I know them, don't worry, all the children are allergic to sunlight and only go out at night when you are sleeping!

Shakey1500 Sun 12-May-13 22:11:51

Personally I'd be more concerned about the fact there's only one bedroom.

comedycentral Sun 12-May-13 22:12:25

YANBU to be concerned. Perhaps they are avoiding the Pontypines.....

McNewPants2013 Sun 12-May-13 22:14:24

i think the op is the Pontypines

littleblackno Sun 12-May-13 22:14:38

But the Wottingers neighbours are always 'losing' thier kids. I'm sure i've seen one of them up a chimney so I think they both have issues.

elfycat Sun 12-May-13 22:16:57

OP ask MNHQ to add lighthearted to the thread title so you don't get flamed!

Are you not concerned by the fact there are 2 households of 10 (2 adults plus 8 kids each) sharing one bedroom houses? I think it's overcrowding of the worst kind. How old are the children as there's 4 of each sex. Surely they could be rehoused so each sex has thier own dormitory room.

Upsy Daisy is a prostitute poor girl. She can't keep people out of her place of work bed. Mind you the rule is 'Only Upsy Daisy is allowed to sleep in Upsy Daisy's bed'. The girl has boundaries, which is a god lesson.

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Sun 12-May-13 22:17:51

Plus, the Pontypine parents have extravagant feasts whilst feeding their poor children runny grobbles - I'd say there was cause for concern there.

elfycat Sun 12-May-13 22:18:01

*good lesson

TheHerringScreams Sun 12-May-13 22:18:39

ITNG has passed me by, DS only watched it three times. I feel very lucky smile not to have to watch it as I get the rage about size inconsistencies and the like.

CherylTrole Sun 12-May-13 22:19:08

Yes call SS <how were the children conceived when the parents sleep in seperate beds>? and also tell them that Macca Wacca Pacca has a problem as he cant stop rubbing his stones confused

IvorHughJarse Sun 12-May-13 22:19:21

Op, are you Mrs Pontypine? Because if so I'm afraid to tell you I'm pretty sure the Wattinger's don't go out because of you. You're always there, in your garden, on the sodding roof, in a log, with your ASBO brood of nightmares wearing fucking binoculars round your neck. If you were my neighbour I a) wouldn't go out because you're always there b) wouldn't answer the door to you. HTH.

I fucking hate ITNG

girliefriend Sun 12-May-13 22:34:45

Ahh <gets it now and thanks the Lord that dd is too old for itng>

littleblackno Sun 12-May-13 22:36:14

elfycat, Upsy Daisy is not a prostitute she's a transvestite, Iggle Piggle is her gay lover. Well thats the way it's always been understood in this house!!
Macca Pacca clearly has OCD or some sort of personality disorder.
Ivor - I agree totally with you; if i lived next door to the Pontpines I'd never leave. I'd probably prefer to live next to the Tombliboos - annoying students they may be but at least their parties end with music and nudity. grin

Loulybelle Sun 12-May-13 22:40:29

What i dont get, theres only one bedroom, they all share it, so how did Mr and Mrs Wottinger get down to bump and grind, to make a 8 kids.

elfycat Sun 12-May-13 22:53:53

Octuplets? They'd only need to do it the once.

Loulybelle Sun 12-May-13 23:04:28

Wheres the fun in that?

quesadilla Sun 12-May-13 23:10:40

I want to see more of the Wottingers (or the blue Pontipines as my dd calls them they are so deliciously elusive. Their appearance on ITNG makes or breaks an episode for me. More Wottingers please BBC and less of the boring as hell Tombliboos who do nothing except make irritating noises on the piano.

I'm not the only one then!

I am a die hard ITNG fan. I just feel so wrong for loving it because of the Wottingers situation.

And no, I'm not Mrs Pontipine. We are sworn enemies didnt you know.

LazyMonkeyButler Sun 12-May-13 23:56:56

Never mind the Wottingers and their 10-to-a-bedroom issue. I'm far more concerned about Iggle Piggle sleeping in a totally open rowing boat on the sea - totally exposed to rain, cold, snow, sharks etc.! What is he supposed to do in a storm? confused

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