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to be jealous of DH?

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elQuintoConyo Sun 12-May-13 15:18:18

So, this morning we went to the beach, just to play in the sand, very much a last-minute idea.

Just as we're packing up DS's bucket and spade and random crap DH pipes up with, "do you know where my togs are?"

AIBU to be jealous that he can just jump into his swimmers straight from winter whereas I'd have to spend at least 2 hours de-hairing? (Or 3 days in advance of bikini-wearing as I go very red for days after).

So, there I sat, jeans and a t-shirt, feeling like an absolute idiot, "DH, can you go with DS to get a bucket of water? I'll get my jeans wet".

Last night I had a dream where I was wandering about with my yeti-legs and no one battered an eyelash. Mind you, naked DH was also there with a crocodile, so I can't rely on them.


(Or Should I be posting in S&B or Feminism?)

Pigsmummy Mon 13-May-13 11:20:07

I just epilate all year around, have bugger all leg hair left really and I take a lady razor to the growler in the shower. I could hit the beach now I wanted (if dressing gowns are acceptable out there as not dressed yet).

Try an epilator or frequent waxes rather than putting it off to make it a big deal.

VenusRising Mon 13-May-13 22:14:51

I asked why doesn't the OP's DH know where his own togs were because he blinkin' well should know, he's a grown up isn't he?

Hasn't he got a gym bag of his own? Doesn't he sort out his own kit? Does he sort out his kids' kits, or is that another job for herself indoors as well?!

Surely he takes the kids for a swim at the pool without his kids' mummy to help him in case he mislays the towels?

Maybe I'm being mean, the OP didn't say they lived together, but surely he should know where his own togs are then, if he has his own place?!

On another note, hair can be very useful in the cold water, it's like a wet suit. grin

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