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To discuss the weather?

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Bimbledorf Sat 11-May-13 12:48:31

I know it is possibly one of the dullest subjects known to man, but is anyone really feeling frustrated with our weather? Last weekend the whole world of things to do opened up as the sun was shining. We had picnics, went for lovely walks without having to weatherproof every inch of ourselves, socialised in sunny beer gardens etc.
It was not to stay though was it, and the long range forecast looks equally depressing. Our summers nowadays always seem rubbish but at least we'd had good spring sunshine!
We went to nz last year during our winter and were happy that we were going to finally experience some sun, but no it rained the entire month we were there too confused

Oh my goodness I sound soooo whingey, but am I really the only one who feels this way?

WorraLiberty Sat 11-May-13 12:50:46

It's Spring, that means changeable weather.

ben5 Sat 11-May-13 12:52:38

should of come to Perth Australia if you wanted sunshine!!! its just turned in the last few week and now we are cold. High today nearly reached 20 bloody cold!!!

SPsCliffingAllOverMN Sat 11-May-13 12:57:41

I enjoyed the sun for those two days it was here but I got burnt and if it had lasted longer I would have looked worse grin

Lj8893 Sat 11-May-13 13:20:22

I got burnt as well (for the first time in 15 years!!!) but still would rather the sun back than this horrible rain sad

Iamsparklyknickers Sat 11-May-13 13:28:05

YANBU - it's a bloody national passtime and superior skills should be commended wink

Fwiw we're still very much in Spring so the weather is meant to turn at a moments notice. Personally I love the weather in this county, we don't get extremes but we get a good selection!

This sunny-rain-sunny-rain is what makes it such a 'green and pleasant' land. The flowers and greenery are very welcome as far as I'm concerned after such a long, grey winter.

Not the wind though - I fucking hate wind.

BumbleBee2011 Sat 11-May-13 13:37:18

YANBU - DH mowed the grass last weekend as it was starting to look like we'd lose the dog, but will we actually get to sit outside and enjoy a nice neat garden before it needs doing again? I'm guessing not confused

thebody Sat 11-May-13 13:40:50

Drives me nuts. Pissing down with rain here and cold( worsc)

Our garden looks fantastic, the apple blossom and clematis which is all over the trees and house is just about to burst open and I expect the bloody rain and wind will blow it down.

Soooooo pissed off.

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