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Pretty sure I was being unreasonable and now feeling guilty

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pizzaqueen Sat 11-May-13 10:32:02

Background, we were on a self catering holiday last week with DS (2.5). He's slept until 6:30ish except one day he was up at 5am, I got up with him until 6:30 then went back to bed for an hour. The following day when I got up with him at 6:30 DP stayed in bed until I woke him at 9 so I could go for a shower.

Yesterday we got home and I was more tired than before we went on holiday. DP sorted the washing and I took DS out to friends house for the afternoon. DP text to say he had an eye infection and had been to pharmacy so hadn't fond the weekly shop like he was going to. I went out and did the shop after DS was in bed. DPs eyes looked really sore by end of the night but he said 'I don't think I can get up with DS in the morning but I'll try'

DS woke at 6am I returned him to bed a few times (gro clock sun not up yet) then asked DP to help and he said 'why can't you do it, you need to learn how to do things yourself' but he did it. Then when DS came through at 6:30 he played about in bed and I know DP was waiting for me to take him downstairs but I just went back to sleep and he got up with him. I feel bad now because I think his eyes were really sore and he must be feeling rotten, but I was just so tired and I only get one lie in a week (DP works til 11pm so I let him sleep until 9:30ish on my data off, on my 3 working days he's up with DS).

Now I'm up, had a lovely sleep, DP and DS have gone out, no idea where, probably DP mums and I feel guilty for not getting up with DS. Knowing its going to hang over us all day because DP will be a moody. Only saving grace is that DS is away overnight tonight.

I have no idea who is being unreasonable really but just wanted to add, conjunctivitis (if that's what it is) can actually leave you feeling quite off colour and rotten as well as the obvious gritty painful eyes.

I've had it and was surprised to feel generally unwell as I always thought it was just a 'sore eye' thing.

LeaveTheBastid Sat 11-May-13 11:28:31

Oh FFS, OP dares not to take control of the washing in the house so that means she is a lazy cow and does nothing else so her DP has the right to stomp about all day with a nark because she needed some sleep? hmm

She has already said the washing is balanced out by her cleaning the bathroom. Fair compromise I think, I'd rather do washing than scrub a toilet.

Fair enough it's daft that she doesn't know how to work it properly (perhaps put a little sticker next to the setting you use most OP) but I fail to understand how that means she doesn't deserve some sleep.

Booyhoo Sat 11-May-13 11:33:36

yeah that's what i said bastid hmm

i didn't say she should be doing the washing. i said it was lazy of her not to bother working out how to do it herself when she chooses to do it. it really would take all of 30 seconds to look at the dials and buttons and see which ones need to go on.

i didn't say that had any bearing on whether she didn't deserve to lie-in this morning. i already said upthread she deserved the lie-in. my comment about teh washing machine was saying he might have a point saying "you need to learn to do things yourself" and that i'm guessing he wasn't just talking about teh washing machine.

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