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To be fed up with the way it's seen as OK to belittle/tease children who aren't very good at sport

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Blueskiesandbuttercups Fri 10-May-13 16:46:06

2 of my children like me are dire at sport,all sport, however they love to cycle,hike etc so are fairly fit.

Their lack of sporty ability doesn't bother me in the slightest as they're all bright,doing well academically and are fit however the attitude towards this lack of ability does.

Ds9 is enduring continual teasing at his lack of football ability,he even joined a team to improve (his idea as he's no quitter) however other team members love to tease him and the other bench sitters at school which does zilch to sort out.Dd is ribbed when she comes last(pretty frequent according to her)and her teacher commented on how she had failed to catch a ball all term in front of the whole class, telling her off(we've tried to no avail to improve her ball skills at home).

What annoys me is if children were to go round teasing children who struggle academically or teachers highlighted poor achievement in other areas in front of the whole class there would be uproar.

The constant negativity just makes it worse.

So utterly fed up with it dp told DS to point out to his two football bullies their lack of academic achievement.Ds is a kind boy but he says today he did just that,I'm not happy but am now thinking along the lines of what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


IrritatingInfinity Sat 11-May-13 14:05:45

One of my PE teachers it may have been Ms Cunty used to regularly and publicly tell me off for being pigeon toed shock. I think it may have made me run faster though hmm

ChewingOnLifesGristle Sat 11-May-13 14:16:28

Yaddnbusad It annoys me too. And just because you don't excel at some ghastly school team pe sport doesn't meant to say that you're not good at other activities not covered in PE.

I have dire memories of teams being picked, shouty PE teachers, gobby kids making you feel like shit for not catching something (dd says all this still goes onhmm and suffers as I did).

It's the same with drama. You can't be quietly not good at it. You have to be not good at it in front of everyone else.

If you are hopeless at maths/english etc no-one jeers at you. No-one needs to know. Otoh if you are unfortunately there's not much opportunity to rub everyone's nose in the fact (preferably the ones who make you feel rubbish in PE).

Darkesteyes Sat 11-May-13 17:54:16

OMG How could i have forgotten this. I had a rounders ball hit me smack on the nose when our Miss Cunty insisted on playing rounders in the school gym because it was raining. Luckily it wasnt broken (my nose that is) just a very bad bleed.

Other posters have mentioned that the people who used to be good at sport at school are now at least a size 18/20 Well im currently a size 20 and i was crap at PE. I was called fat at school but looking back on old photos i was curvy rather fat.
I remember going jogging on my own one day one weekend when i was about 14. I got to the top of the next road and bumped into one of the kids who used to take the piss in PE. They started their usual shit so i turned back home and didnt go jogging again.
If i had been encouraged more as a child instead of ridiculed i dont belive i would have been 21 stone by the time i was 28.
I lost ten stone ten years ago but have regained 4 so im trying to lose it again. But i shudder at the thought of jogging or gym or ANY kind of excersise in public. i WONT do it.
Unfortunately i was overweight when i went to my school reunion 2 years ago. I was dreading it but when i got there all they said was "how on earth do you have no lines or wrinkles ( a lot of my school contemperaries have had a life of using sunbeds and Botox.) I hate the sun and have never sunbathed or seen the inside of a tanning salon.
But the problem with schools and PE is the lack of sportsmanship. They dont seem to know how to teach this and it needs to go hand in hand with teaching.
I was good at reading and literature at school and still love books. On my first high school report i was praised for helping a friend who was weaker at this than me. But this was just in writing so the only people who got to see this was me and my parents.
Everyone got to see my humiliation on the sports field though.

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