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To say BT are shit.

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peppapigmustdie Thu 09-May-13 20:44:15

BT restricted my line by mistake and reinstated my broadband 12 days ago admitting their mistake.
My phoneline however despite 13 phonecalls each one promising it will be done is still not making or taking calls. I don't know what to do next, there is no shop I can go to and refuse to leave so I ring every day and explain the situation speak to a
person who reads from the same script every time.
Any ideas?

peppapigmustdie Thu 09-May-13 21:49:24

I realise that this isn't the fault of the poorly paid call centre workers but they obviously cannot help me after so many calls.
I do my best not to get cross or shout at the poor bugger at the end of the line but they cannot see past the script in front of them and see that the previous 10 pressing of a button has not worked.

MynameisKeith Thu 09-May-13 21:57:11

BT are utter cunts. Dh lost his job with them last year after repeatedly refusing to cut corners. He's very methodical and was regularly the 10th upwards engineer a customer had seen, so would take the time to fix the job properly and get them back up and running.

Sadly BT have a scoring method that deemed dh as inefficient, for taking time to do a proper repair instead of a) sending it back "no access" b) bodging it or c) nicking someone elses working phone line.

After several ass kickings for this they binned him last year, and he now works as a sub-contractor for Openreach on twice the money BT paid him. On the other hand he is now self employed so they saved on holidays, pension, sick pay etc.

And of course it is cheaper to sack engineers now than pay redundancy once the whole network goes fibre optic and will need a fraction of the engineers they do at the moment!

Incidentally, I believe the ceo is a woman. Karen something I think

MynameisKeith Thu 09-May-13 22:02:18

Op, there are lots of ex-BT engineers out there, who left because they were sick of the way the company was going, that are now self employed. Might be worth googling to see if there is one near you?

Dh says if your broadband is working it's probably either your phone, so try plugging a new one in, or an exchange issue.

tiggytape Thu 09-May-13 22:19:47


Once you're up and running they're fine but if there's a fault or any change to your package then abandon all hope!
Any problem - no matter how small or large - is completely beyond them.

The call centre system requires you to sit in silence for 15 minutes whilst the poor person at the other end reads reams of notes about your problem (this is because the previous 5 calls have resulted in no action so there's a lot for them to read).

Invariably they still fail to understand what has happened so you must explain it all again.
Then they require another 5 minutes of silence to review your notes and add some more of their own.

Then they agree you were right all along - it is true you are being overcharged or have no service.
Then they tell you they will rectify this on the next bill / after midnight tonight. They give you a shiny reference number and everything (but next time you ring they’ll tell you it is the wrong type. It doesn’t start with the right 3 letters no matter which 3 letters it does start with!)

Of course despite all promises, they don't rectify the problem at all. The bill is still wrong next month or you still have no connection after midnight.

Repeat and repeat until your contract expires.

MeAndMyGirl Thu 09-May-13 22:22:37

I hate bt too with a passion. Sometimes i feel my direct debit is their beer fund. I literally have no idea how much money they randomly take out. Ongoing disputes since oct 2012. They are shit n never ever ever ever accept responsibility or record accurate notes of phone conversations. Bt are shit

tiggytape Thu 09-May-13 22:22:55

And then they have the cheek to phone you back 5 minutes later with an automated service to ask how their customer service was.

.....and no matter how animatedly you express your displeasure using the segment at the end that allows you to record your own message, nobody ever acts on that either!

MurderOfProse Thu 09-May-13 22:24:46

My dad had a major issue with them when they faffed about moving his landline over when he moved house. He ran a small manufacturing business which at the time (mid 90s) was entirely dependent on the telephone for orders.

In the end he told them jokingly he was going to jump off a bridge if they didn't sort it. Even though he was joking, this seemed to trigger some sort of emergency action because the situation was almost immediately rectified and he received reasonable compensation!

I've been tempted in the past to do similar, especially when given an 8 WEEK lead time for BT Openreach to flick a switch to get our broadband connection live when we moved last year, but I never quite had the guts..

Greydog Thu 09-May-13 22:26:55

And the sad thing is no one, but no one, in a senior position will listen to anything that anyone is telling them. The call centres do a great job - because they deal with the call in x minutes. They've not done anything, just got rid of the caller. Senior managers have no idea how to do the job, and if you have a rural area to deal with they can't understand that it takes time to get from a-b, that there often is no mobile reception in the country, and that not all their kit is up to city (London) standards.

kissmyshineymetalass Thu 09-May-13 22:28:55

Yes they really are shit when I was with them they would send me letters addressed to

My name
Mentally ill
My address

No matter how many times I phoned to complain they just kept telling me the couldn't change it hmm

shoofly Thu 09-May-13 22:36:34

YANBU-I also have a tale of woe which starts with moving into our new house last Sep. The previous owner left us a lovely note saying he had BT Infinity superfast broadband and they provided his phone line too. Tried to get Virgin but they were not interested (" BT have incomplete survey info on your address and there is no cable in your area") confused - tried to arrange BT - " we can only offer you copper broadband - ie V slow" when told but man before had BT Infinity " well the computer says it's not available in your area" - spoke to nice neighbour who said we have Infinity as do no 4 no 7 no 6 etc etc - Went back to BT and said " How if we are no 1 and all neighbours have it and they live further down cul de sac can we not have it. "We seem to have incomplete survey info for your address..." Can you send someone out? - no that would take too long biscuit so; Virgin refusing to give us a phone/ broadband; BT refusing to give us Broad band (because you've said your husband is an IT contractor and it'll be too slow) then phoned sky - sorry we can't give you broadband because BT have incomplete survey info angry

spoke to nice neighbour again who said ffs your husband is a contractor - Get a business line.... Start again "We have incomplete survey info on your address so can't provide broadband" AAARGGGGGHHHH

Ask for a manager - 3 weeks of being pissed about - Meanwhile my self employed IT contractor husband has had no internet or broadband for 4 weeks - he tells one of his clients ( who are funnily enough BT Training!!) they say God yes they are a nightmare aren't they - You need to phone BT Business in Belfast.... not the no on the website which is in Scotland... They give us the secret number - speak to lovely bloke just down the road who can check the line and says that once the phone is on he can order the broadband but until the phone works the broadband order can't be activated and thats 2 weeks after the phone line. I rant, I rave, finally I cry... he can do nothing but it's ok your phone will be on tomorrow....

10 days later, 2 phone numbers later countless useless contracts which have all the wrong info on later, they finally switch the damn phone on. 2 Weeks later we finally get broadband. ( and the number we have was previously owned by some woman who has about 20 debt management companies chasing her - thanks BT)

Sorry for epic post but the rant has made me feel better grin - In summary YANBU BT ARE SHITE -- BUT having dealt with Sky and Virgin Media in the last 2 and a bit years ---- THEY ARE ALL SHITE!!!

PinkyCheesy Thu 09-May-13 23:37:48

I let DH deal with our BT account now (no choice, no other providers in our area, gotta have a BT line if you want Internet from anyone else), after 20 years of hassle from them and 20 years of shouting by me grin

My worst insult now (to any company that treats us badly or has no customer service skills) is to say "you are the second worst company I have ever dealt with - second only to BT" it's surprising how much that pisses people off!!

IrritatingInfinity Fri 10-May-13 00:55:56

A senior person hmm

Anyone got any idea how you manage to speak to one???

Also, do you think that all departments can access all your records/notes
The billing team (call centre) don't seem to be able to read the same notes as the UK sales team or the tech team?

teenagetantrums Fri 10-May-13 01:09:10

yes crap somehow they managed to switch my line with someone else's while trying to repair that persons line, I only knew as I had no broadband as that person did not have broadband on their account, was a nightmare to sort out, they were supposed to divert my phones number to my mobile never did, in the meantime I just used the line I had for calls, as I presume did the other person, I kept calling my number no answer so hope they were on holiday or something, dreading the bill if they were phoning oz, BT engineers couldn't care less but at least they could understand what I was saying about the lines being wrong up numbers, the call centre lady had no clue all she kept asking for was my account number while I couldn't access as I do online billing....

peppapigmustdie Fri 10-May-13 13:19:01

Problem solved , a member here inboxed me and got in touch with the right department.
Many thanks if it wasn't for Mumsnet I would still be going round in circles.

valiumredhead Fri 10-May-13 13:38:37

Ime the only way to deal with BT is to cancel your DD - you will find someone helpful will contact you very quickly.

MynameisKeith Fri 10-May-13 13:40:00

Teenagetantrums - the engineer that was fixing the other persons line was in a hurry as he didn't want to be deemed 'ineffieicent' by the computer that allocates jobs (ipop) as this invariably leads down the disciplinary route, so he just nicked your working pair.

They are utter, utter cunts. The engineers that speak up get sacked, and nobody above bottom management knows what it is like to work in the field. I hope they go fucking bust!

Loulybelle Fri 10-May-13 14:48:20

Im currently in the processes of leaving BT, expensive, always going wrong, crap IT support, and always charging in advance.

I pay more in line rental than i actually use the phone.

Dawndonna Fri 10-May-13 15:02:10

I left them last December. It took three months and a call from barrister brother to get the money they owed me. Start harassing on Twitter and Faceache, they really don't like it.

littlemissangrypants Fri 10-May-13 15:14:11

We had problems with BT getting infinity installed. One complaint to their facebook page and it was all sorted. We had a lovely guy call us to sort the problem out and he called several times to check everything was still ok. Sometimes facebook has it's uses.

sydlexic Fri 10-May-13 15:18:06

Water is wet.

bigbluebus Fri 10-May-13 15:22:49

Having read this thread, the 3 days I spent trying to get my phone line working recently pales into insignificance! I think I must have been one of the lucky ones shock
My phone line kept telling me it was in use even though no one was using it and all the handsets were on their base stations. I couldn't even report the fault using my mobile as their automated system kept telling me they couldn't test the line as someone was using it - "No they weren't - that was the fault!!!"
I eventually spent hours on their 'chat' system with an Indian call centre who told me equally ridiculous things. Turns out it was a fault in their local exchange on our line - it took them minutes to sort it out when they eventually got an engineer out to it. I know this as they rang me to let me know an engineer was going to fix the fault one morning - they then rang minutes later to say it was fixed! And that only happened as we managed to get 'priority' service due to having a 'qualifying' disabled person living in our home.
The whole thing was extremely frustrating and I said to DH at the time, "I don't know how anyone who works has time to deal with this crap "- I found it bad enough & I am a SAHM/carer.

threepiecesuite Fri 10-May-13 15:23:58

DP is a manager for BT Business. He hates his job...

iseenodust Fri 10-May-13 15:37:30

Our broadband keeps disconnecting. Much explaining to India that this is a recurrent problem but not a permanent one. Also explain many neighbours with same problem so do not think the answer lies in my house. India will do nothing unless I agree to pay for engineer if they decide I should ?!? Engineer spends 1.5 hours here and agrees not my fault. Second type of engineer turns up announced today and spends an hour outside and comes to tell me he has found nothing but agrees it's disconnecting up to 500 times in a morning. To be continued...

Heebiejeebie Fri 10-May-13 20:44:42

I still shudder about the 4 months I spent in a black hole between BT and Sky. 14 hours in total on the phone to hold music or not-my-problem operatives, tears, ranting, repetition, lies, bursts of hope, 2 lots of bills WITH NO ACTUAL PHONE SERVICE. Amazingly shit with no accountability or carry-over between my increasingly desparate calls. Like a sick joke played by an evil sadist.

sweetestcup Fri 10-May-13 22:09:13

iseenodust, I totally understand what you are going through...we had months of it. Dont know why our line kept testing ok as far as India was concerned but that's why they refused to accept we had a fault. My DH is actually very mild mannered, cool and great at dealing with companies on the phone so when you hear him saying over and over again "just get me a fucking engineer" you know its bad! And then you move onto stage 2 when an engineer shows up......

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