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AIBU to hate it when my kids visit people and they just stick the tv on for them?

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CrapBag Thu 09-May-13 20:14:08

It has just occurred to me that a few people I know do this and it pisses me right off.

My sister always seems to have the tv on anyway, but when we go there, she'll find a channel for the kids (2 and 5) then leave it on the whole time, and its always far too loud and I struggle to have a conversation because of the volume.

MIL will put it on kids channel the second they walk in and leave it on the whole time even though she has badgered DH into bringing the kids around, although I suspect this is so she actually doesn't have to interact with them and they are occupied whilst she blithers on and on to DH yet again about "poor me I have it sooo awful" (she actually doesn't) and the her wanting to see the kids is a rouse just so DH will visit her and she can moan.

SIL has recently started being a bit more interested in the DCs. This is actually a miracle I thought would never happen tbh but she has been asking DH if he can take them around and she'll even look after them while he does the shopping as she is near the supermarket, brilliant! But yep, kids walk in, tv goes on for them.

Is it just me? I am not tv hating at all and the kids do watch it at home. Maybe I am old fashioned but I thought if you are visiting people then you are there to see them, not to go and have the bloody box on every time. These relatives actually ask to see the children. We let them take some toys, so why does the tv need to go on!!!! If we get a visitor (rare occurence, always us doing the visiting it seems) I always switch the tv off if its on.

rambososcar Thu 09-May-13 21:30:52

In that case you've thrown me. I've run out of ideas!
intheshed, yes, it's still rude to turn the television off in someone else's home, no matter what it's tuned in to.

MamaBear17 Thu 09-May-13 21:37:22

My mum does this, then comments that DD is a telly addict!

CrapBag Thu 09-May-13 21:43:46

"In that case you've thrown me. I've run out of ideas"

Me too. grin

Apart from MIL, I have no idea why they do it. confused

ilikeyoursleeves Thu 09-May-13 21:45:16

Yanbu I don't like others automatically switching the tv on for my kids either. My sister does this and when I've asked it to be switched off I get hmm looks and accusations of poor kids, not allowed to watch tv etc! But IMO they are there to visit and play with cousins and toys etc, not gawp at tv.

I wouldn't ask to turn tv off in someone's house I didn't know so well but I often say 'we are here to visit x not watch tv' and my kids are usually fine doing other things. Though they are good at entertaining themselves so I don't feel I need to put the tv on that much. Ds2 played aliens for 3 hours solid this morn!

CrapBag Thu 09-May-13 21:48:19

ilikeyoursleeves I know what you mean. My kids are really good at just playing and using their imaginations. My nan frequently comments on that fact that they sit and play. I don't understand this need for the tv to have to entertain them when they are capable of doing it themselves.

intheshed Thu 09-May-13 21:53:49

So what would they say if you said 'do you mind if we turned the tv off, they've watched quite a bit today?' I don't see how that is rude, to a family member.

CrapBag Thu 09-May-13 22:07:42

Dsis probably wouldn't mind, I could say that to her. MIL wouldn't listen I expect, she doesn't about anything that doesn't suit her. SIL, don't know. Its DH that takes kids there, I just know about the tv cause he mentioned that DS thinks its great that SIL puts Scooby doo on (he does get to watch this at home, not sure why its something special there). It then made me think about why people out the tv on for kids who are visiting them, especially at their request.

MimiSunshine Thu 09-May-13 22:09:03

Maybe she is totally disinterested in the kids, I'm sure she wouldn't wish harm on them but she doesn't have to be enamoured with them just because she's related.


Maybe Ceebies goes on because she thinks its age appropriate and fine for them to watch. I've often switched to the -mind numbing- kids TV when children have visited because I've worried that something they shouldn't see may come on and I know that'll be safe.

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