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To be sitting here with my orange dress tucked in my knickers eating a cheese toastie cos I damn well feel like it?

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josine32 Thu 09-May-13 01:05:44

Orange dress is just me being patriotic as I'm Dutch. DH said it was *** disgusting then stormed off to bed. There was me thinking married life (got hitched 2 weeks ago) and me waiting for my passport/ID card etc to be changed as have changed surname too would be a walk in the park but ladies, AIBU or not? blush

BaronessBomburst Fri 10-May-13 12:29:45

Are you sure you're Dutch? It just that you put * as opposed to actually swearing. grin

Fakebook Fri 10-May-13 11:34:07

[confused right.

TheVermiciousKnid Fri 10-May-13 11:29:39

Were the pants orange?

Was it a gouda cheese toastie? If it was, disgusting is about right! grin

ChunkyChicken Fri 10-May-13 11:25:25

Agree with Mandy too. POAS!!

ChunkyChicken Fri 10-May-13 11:24:50

I don't think its disgusting although I am a bit confused at the reason/purpose etc. However, its your home too, you're not hurting anybody, so whatever floats your boat. YANBU

Mandy2003 Fri 10-May-13 11:21:24

Hmm, you need the loo a lot, you're eating cheese toasties at 1.00am -

POAS woman!!! grin

SPsCliffingAllOverMN Fri 10-May-13 11:20:44

WTF have I just read?!

Tbh I'd be disgusted if someone made their self a cheese on toast and didn't make me any

I have an orange dress but I'm home alone so there's no one who's life it can impact

WilsonFrickett Fri 10-May-13 11:14:13

But doesn't he realise you're being modest?

::goes to practice hand stands::

TheBigJessie Fri 10-May-13 11:12:12

How do you tuck the entire skirt of a dress into knickers? Wouldn't there be an over-flow of fabric?

Also, what is the point of it? Other than handstands, obviously?

trashcanjunkie Fri 10-May-13 11:06:35

was your dress tucking deliberate...... I NEED TO KNOW???grin

trashcanjunkie Fri 10-May-13 11:04:49

is tucking dress into pants a cure for wasps?

AnyFucker Thu 09-May-13 23:16:28

was there a wasp ?

everlong Thu 09-May-13 23:13:27

You've scared him.

kilmuir Thu 09-May-13 23:13:00

very unreasonable if there is no brown sauce to dip toastie in

TigerSwallowTail Thu 09-May-13 23:11:26

Why have you got your dress tucked into your pants?

PuddingsAndPies Thu 09-May-13 23:09:49

Is Sharon there too?

andubelievedthat Thu 09-May-13 23:03:59

In a survey the Dutch were voted /found to be the most "chilled" peeps in Europe ! I say "go girl go !(divorce your fella thou !)

trashcanjunkie Thu 09-May-13 22:51:08

can I ask why you have your orange dress tucked in your pants. Does this have any bearing on the cheese toastie?

Boomba Thu 09-May-13 22:50:44

what, tucked in the legs of your pants, alla ready to do a hand-stand? or tucked into the waistband of your pants?

why is it tucked in at all?

did you not ever do tucking in, before you are married? maybe he feels the relationship is built on falsities?

AnyFucker Thu 09-May-13 22:50:44

I think I just had a sense of humour failure

LayMizzRarb Thu 09-May-13 22:47:28

Hup Holland !

Monty27 Thu 09-May-13 01:28:13


<sense of humour transplant needed>

josine32 Thu 09-May-13 01:27:01

Yes Nagoo, that's the thing! I did smile

Nagoo Thu 09-May-13 01:25:19

Did you not make him a toastie?

Nagoo Thu 09-May-13 01:24:53

The dress tucked in the knickers is disgusting.

Check the state of your pants, you know, for damage, or, erm, stains.

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