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To apply for a job which would be a promotion while the DC are so young?

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Believeitornot Wed 08-May-13 19:31:45

I can't decide whether to apply for a job which would in effect mean a promotion and more responsibility plus in a role which would be new and a challenge for me. I have two small DCs (pre school age) as well.

I've read that men don't think twice about "over reaching" - I feel this is a bit like that. But at the same time, I think I could probably do the job, but there is a nagging sense of doubt.

Does anyone else feel like this about their capabilities?

And would I be crazy to take on a new job with two small kids (meaning I couldn't work excessive hours)

badguider Wed 08-May-13 19:55:54

No, I wouldn't think twice about whether I could do it if I though it was in reach.
I would think about if I want to do it. Will it mean more hours? more stress? longer commute? or will it be a pleasant and rewarding challenge?
My DH and I share emergency childcare and nursery pickup duties (whether his work like it or not) because I insist that we are equal parents.

Xmasbaby11 Wed 08-May-13 20:01:09

agree with above - do you want to do it? I would be concerned about working longer hours, but then again I don't necessarily agree that children need you less once they start school, so there is probably never a good time for a more demanding job.

Jinsei Wed 08-May-13 20:02:42

If you want it, go for it! Will the same chance come round again when the kids are older? If you're not sure, make sure you don't regret any lost opportunities later!

I am biased, of course. I took on a much bigger role when dd was 3, and moved my family half way across the country for it. It has been difficult and stressful at times, but I don't regret it. The same door wouldn't have opened again.

trumpfamily Wed 08-May-13 20:04:21

You don't mention if the job is part-time or full-time. Any job should be achievable within your working hours and, if it doesn't, then it is up to your employer to review the situation. If you work part-time you probably don't take the same breaks as full-time colleagues and waste very few moments in the day as you don't want to be considered to be working halfheartedly. Working Mums are better value for money in any case. You might rely on your support network a little more as you might find that once the children start school they pick up a few more germs as they are exposed to a different "germ pool" but if you have that in place you should be fine.

I regret not applying for promotion within my job as the person who got the job is less experienced and takes full advantage of my knowledge with no shame.

Banderchang Wed 08-May-13 20:33:25

Sometimes you find that being on a higher grade allows you to be more flexible than being on a lower one. I was promoted just as I went on maternity leave, and working on the higher grade has been much more family friendly for me as I have more control over my workload and hours.

GrendelsMum Wed 08-May-13 21:20:50

It sounds like a great idea - new challenges are just what you need in life. The Head Honcho at my work is a youngish woman with young children - she's just gone for it and not let the kids hold her back, but without seeming to work excessive hours either.

maxpower Wed 08-May-13 21:22:52

OP are you a lone parent?

Believeitornot Wed 08-May-13 21:44:20

No I'm not a lone parent. I work 4 days a week although would like to negotiate a day at home in a couple of years time when eldest starts school. Yes I do want to do it (drafting up my CV right now!)
Commute would be fine. Yes it would be more stress (but in a good way I think) because it would be a different sector although I have a lot of the skills (it's a finance role, I'm an accountant).

I just have alittle voice telling me that I might not be that good even though on paper I think I would be.

GrendelsMum Wed 08-May-13 21:46:43

That's what interviews are for. If they give you the job, then its because they think you were the best person for it.

PanicMode Wed 08-May-13 21:53:48

Go for it! I regret (bitterly) turning down a Very Big Job which I was headhunted for when my fourth baby was tiny - in hindsight it would have put me on a totally new trajectory. I resigned instead and although I don't regret for a minute the time I have spent with my children, I am finding getting back into Big Job territory very challenging having been out of work for two years.....

CruCru Wed 08-May-13 21:56:37

Do it. You may not get this chance again.

PRBunny Wed 08-May-13 22:10:02

I've just done the same thing - I applied for promotion which I have got (hurrah!) - but it will mean returning from maternity leave a bit earlier than planned.

My DS will be nearly 11 months old when I return to work. Although I am pleased I have been promoted I am also having wobbles too about leaving DS in nursery.

That said, my promotion allows me more flexibility than the post I am leaving and I have managed to negotiate four days a week in my new role, with a later start time and an earlier finish time to drop off and pick up my son from nursery.

Getting the promotion was a massive boost to my self-esteem. However, I was - and still am - conflicted. I won't know if it was the right decision until I go back.

I would say go for it. There's nothing to lose and there's nothing that can't be undone in the future anyway!

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