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About my dentist?

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Gossipmonster Wed 08-May-13 15:25:16

AIBU to expect my dentist to;

- Make conversation with me.

- Tell me what they are about to do.

- Not hurt my face/lips with metal instruments.

- Not pull my hair with their knee.

- Not to discuss leave/holidays/haircuts over my head with the dental nurse as if I am not even in the room.

All in one appt - or am I just being picky? hmm.

Gossipmonster Wed 08-May-13 15:28:44

....and call me "Mrs" when I am "Miss" hmm.

TheTroubleWithTribbles Wed 08-May-13 15:31:43

Are you a patient with my dentist? With the amount I pay (private dentist, can't get into an NHS surgery) they could afford to go to some customer service courses!

Gossipmonster Wed 08-May-13 15:34:01

No it's NHS - wish I could afford private.

Also "tries" fillings with no injections sad

NinaHeart Wed 08-May-13 15:37:08

Argh horrendous. Tinme to vote with your feet and find a new one. Happily this is easier with private dentists.

VonHerrBurton Wed 08-May-13 15:45:43

YANBU re all points, except point 1!

I hate it when my dentist talks to me about anything requiring any sort of response. Dry mouth, mouth full of metal instruments - I don't want to talk to her, I just want her to tell me what she's doing then zone out, close my eyes and listen to classic fm or somesuch chilled out radio they have playing.

Why on earth didn't you say "you're actually really hurting my mouth/pulling my hair" that's awful. Its horrible enough having treatment at dentists without extra pain and stress! Regardless whether private or NHS.

sarahtigh Wed 08-May-13 16:05:16

i'm a dentist, I would make conversation initially but not while doing treatment

I would always explain treatment

i would not hurt your face or lips very occasionally pain free dentistry is impossible but i would explain that as well

if you have very long hair that falls over back a of chair and under it, it might inadvertently get caught on my knee as I swivel chair for better angle etc I would say sorry and ask you to please adjust hair so it was behind your back on seat

I generally do not chat while working might be the occasional technical request for different instrument but unless a junior nurse they should have what i need already set out

getting your title wrong well being honest I might do that; I try not to but mostly i call patients john smith etc

97% of time I'm NHS

Gossipmonster Wed 08-May-13 16:09:24

My last NHS dentist was wonderful actually so it's not down to that to be fair but he left about 2 yrs ago leaving me with this one sad

My last dentist knew I was v nervous it was written on my notes sad

I need to track him down!!!

valiumredhead Wed 08-May-13 16:47:37

Tbh unless they did a really bad job I would put up with it as NHS dentists are like hen's teeth round here!

ukatlast Wed 08-May-13 17:27:37

OP 'No it's NHS - wish I could afford private.

Also "tries" fillings with no injections'

YANBU and this no anaesthesia because it's quicker and easier for him is an absolute dealbreaker. Is he non-UK trained by any chance as there are real cultural differences re anaesthesia and dentistry even in EU countries like Germany/Holland.

Chatting over your head can be okay some people find it distracting but you can be included too.

Gossipmonster Wed 08-May-13 17:38:22

It was a lady and she is of Indian origin.

I didn't say anything as my mouth was occupied.

Think I wouldn't mind about the talking if she chatted to me before/after (not during) but she doesn't.

It's "hi get your arse in the chair" wack something in your gob and continue previous conversation over the chair.

No nice music or reassurance.

ukatlast Wed 08-May-13 17:56:01

I gave up NHS dentists years ago (1980s). The trouble was when you did get a nice/good one, they would always leave within 6-12m.
The only way to avoid that in NHS is to be a patient of the Practice owner...have you tried that at all? Won't work if only the Associates do the NHS stuff.

If you can afford it, handpicking an experienced dentist privately and sticking to them for years is worth every penny. Continuity of care is what I need at my age and nervousness disappears when the dentist/hygienist becomes more like a friend you see regularly.

They have an incentive in treating you well because they want you to return and recommend your friends. NB This may not always apply to Denplan-type dentists where you are locked into their monthly fixed fees.

WhispersOfWickedness Wed 08-May-13 18:03:28

Yanbu. I have an NHS dentist, she knows I am a very nervous patient and she is absolutely lovely. She always warns me, tells me exactly what she is going to do and stops immediately if I am having trouble. She's reduced my dentist anxiety massively.

TattyDevine Wed 08-May-13 18:32:12

Contrary to popular belief, one is not compelled to put up with total crap just because its NHS. Just sayin'

Gossipmonster Wed 08-May-13 20:36:20

Yes - I must change.

She tries to give 15 yr old DS stickers which is us incredibly hmm about grin.

Gossipmonster Wed 08-May-13 20:36:37

He is - doh!

hiddenhome Wed 08-May-13 21:48:13

Going to an NHS dentist is like playing oral Russian Roulette sad

Could you perhaps afford some dental insurance to enable you to go private?

I've only ever had decent treatment when I've gone private. All the NHS treatment I've experienced has been: shoddy, downright botched, painful and humiliating after having been told off by the dentist for having pain from sensitive teeth. Ds2 was also left with a dental phobia by the NHS dentist and has to go to a childrens' dental service now for any treatment.

My cat receives better treatment from the vet tbh.

whois Wed 08-May-13 22:01:48

Tries fillings with no pain relief? Fuck that!!!

Find a new dentist. My current dentist is a revelation in pain free dentistry. There is a toss up tho as I feel v shakey after a good dose of local and a bit teary sometimes which is a bit strange.

Cherriesarelovely Wed 08-May-13 22:40:20

Yanbu at all. What a horrible experience! Move on asap.

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