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to think that confidential 1-2-1 discussions should not take place in a work canteen

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ControlGeek Tue 07-May-13 20:16:32

My line manager holds all of his one-to-one meetings with his staff in the canteen, but I have refused to discuss anything remotely confidential at my one-to-ones unless he books a room. Occasionally he has booked a meeting room, but again today he said he had forgotten.

In my one-to-one today, with other people around, he tried to bring up my forthcoming hospital appointments and drug treatment. I told him I wasn't prepared to discuss it outside of a private meeting room. He also brings up issues like difficult internal customers, personality clashes etc, and discusses other members of staff, all of which to my mind shouldn't be aired where colleagues of these staff may overhear.

He doesn't like that I insist on him booking a room, but I feel uncomfortable discussing personal matters where other people can overhear. AIBU? Should I just grow a thicker skin about it?

Next time he calls a meeting in the canteen just say in a slightly above average sound 'so dink boss, did the rash clear up and did you manage to call everyone on the list' just see how fast he books a private room in future grin


ControlGeek Thu 09-May-13 07:35:59

ROFL boo Now that's the kind of post I like to wake up to in the mornings grin

WhatchaMaCalllit Thu 09-May-13 07:46:31

What I would do is reply to his questions at the meeting in the canteen "I'm not comfortable discussing this matter in a public place" and keep saying that until he gets that message. You're answering him but not his discussion.
if he sends you an emailed meeting invitation and doesn't put a location for the meeting on it (or if he does and it's the canteen), could you send back a reply saying "I am available to attend this meeting, will you book the meeting room or will I?" and each and every time he wants to meet you have that as your first response. It's not rude or agressive and shouldn't be seen as such but it is showing him that you're not going to conduct the meeting in such a public place.

I have been at 1-2-1 meetings in my work canteen and I hated it. There is no where to go, I felt trapped (even though it was probably the most open space there is in the building) and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone as a good place to meet.

If it is a place to meet is certainly shouldn't be used to discuss deeply personal matters, it should be seen as a very informal meeting space and not the de facto meeting place.

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