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To be scared stupid about holiday abroad with 12week old baby

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Mummabubbles Tue 07-May-13 17:09:16

What should I take, what should I leave behind, will she be ok on the plane, will the heat affect her feeding, will the heat affect my supply.....I could go on and on and on....

ISeeSmallPeople Tue 07-May-13 17:12:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cloverer Tue 07-May-13 17:17:37

That's a great age for travelling! Very portable.

Definitely take a sling. She'll probably feed more often in the heat, so maybe think about the logistics of feeding in a swim suit? Also likely to sleep a lot in the day if it's hot.

I don't think you need to take much to be honest - carseat, buggy, sling, spare clothes for both of you on the plane is a good suggestion. I'm sure anything you forget or find you need can be bought easily there.

I would take calpol and a syringe with you just in case, and make sure you have travel insurance/medical cards sorted.

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Tue 07-May-13 17:19:19

It will be fine. Are you FF or EBF? Breast is easier as you don't have to bring stuff with you and it helps on the and journey. Plenty of shade/buggy shade? Baby in buggy outside on cooler evenings while you eat. Not mobile so no worries about harder floors/dangerous pools. Lovely. Do bring plenty of calpol type stuff, I would rather have too much than not enough.

Mummabubbles Tue 07-May-13 17:48:50

Ahhhhh thanks, I am trying to remain calm about it!! We are breastfeeding so no bottles to faff with.
Will hot weather affect my supply at all?? We are going to Zante

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Tue 07-May-13 18:12:33

No the weather shouldn't be an issue. You will have to drink lots for yourself, you might even find you have an oversupply as babies will drink more in warmer weather, so creating more milk.
The flight isn't too bad, 3-4 hours. Feed her for take off and landing, that helps with ear pressure. She will be on your lap, so hot meals can be a bit tricky (take turns with DH?)
Love Zante, the Greeks love babies too. If you are going before end July it won't be boiling.
Oh, a mosquito net might be useful for the cot/buggy. Honestly, taking a bf non crawling baby is much easier than a toddler! grin

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Tue 07-May-13 18:13:42

Sorry, meant 'end of June'

Wishiwasanheiress Tue 07-May-13 18:13:59

She is possibly at the best age to travel. It will only get harder (to do what you want in future)


MrsMook Tue 07-May-13 18:19:30

Great age to take away. We took our DS to the ILs in Ireland at 14 wks and it was a doddle. Baby carrier/ sling is very handy at the airport.

No food/ drinks/ toys to take, so less luggage than at other stages.

dozily Tue 07-May-13 18:24:03

We went to Zante when Dd was 2 months old. It was lovely! Apart from pushchair and sling, not really much you need. I found a sarong useful for draping over her (or over the pushchair) to keep the sun off. Also doubles as a breastfeeding cover - I don't usually use one but found it handy when bf in a swimsuit!

wigglesrock Tue 07-May-13 19:28:50

Lovely age to travel. I took dd3 away to Ibiza when she was 14 weeks, didn't take a button out of her. Much easier than her then 3 and 5 year old sisters smile

cleo78 Tue 07-May-13 20:02:53

Thats such a lovely age to take a baby away! You can be the smug one whose baby will probably sleep the whole journey, while those with older babes will look more frazzled! Obviously, great that you are breast feeding, and would def say to feed during take off and landing to avoid ear related problems.
When we've flown/travelled with ours, we always take a sling and a buggy, and that way we can swop them round to give them a change when needed! Remember that you can take your buggy with you to the gate at the airport, and then they will put it in the hold for you, so you get to have the baby in the buggy for the couple of hours after you have checked in.
Remember swim nappies! You can also get those stretchy UV/mossie nets that go over the top of buggies etc which are great (but a sarong/muslin works just as well most of the time. In fact, muslins are always handy arent they.
Do you have a baby cot provided in the hotel room? Might be worth checking, and would also reccomend that you take a sheet/blanket/something used from home to give the bed a familiar smell?

Have fun!

SunMoonStarship Tue 07-May-13 20:51:52

Take a digital thermometer. Calpol and baby Nurofen. Just in case.

Mosquito net for the pram (for evening strolls).

SunMoonStarship Tue 07-May-13 20:53:37

By digital thermometer I mean the one you use in the ear. Or the forehead strips. 15 month old DC1 got ill in Greece and the tried to check his temperature by putting thermometer in his armpit?!?

SunMoonStarship Tue 07-May-13 20:55:11

Heat won't affect your supply- just make sure you're well hydrated

Princesspond Tue 07-May-13 21:08:03

You'll have a fab time, I really regret not taking my DD at that age, I was too scared to go. I look back and realise I was being silly, it would have been a perfect age to travel. We waited til children were 15 months and 3 years. Where are you going in Zante? We went to Alykes last year, it was relaxed and family-friendly.

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