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to wear a white jacket to a wedding? want a few more opinions!

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ArtemisatBrauron Tue 07-May-13 13:28:53

Posted this in someone else's thread and got around 3 mixed responses. Now panicking slightly, totally hadn't thought this would be an issue!

For a friend's wedding in summer, I had planned to wear a navy dress, navy feathery/hatty thing, silvery (p)leather heels (or maybe navy wedges) but with a white linen jacket for the church part as my friend is very traditional and has made it clear that arms must be covered in church.

Some people have said wearing ANY white at all is unacceptable, so AIBU?

Freddiemisagreatshag Tue 07-May-13 13:30:08

You're wearing it with a navy dress, I'd have thought you'd be OK. It's the white dress thing that's the social suicide isn't it?

But then I know nowt about Style and Beauty grin

HoHoHoNoYouDont Tue 07-May-13 13:30:16

I think it's fine. I suppose if the entire outfit was white then it could be a problem for some.

kotinka Tue 07-May-13 13:31:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Apparentlychilled Tue 07-May-13 13:33:09

I wore white trousers to a friend's wedding, but checked w her beforehand. It sounds fine to me, but if in doubt, ask the bride.

DewDr0p Tue 07-May-13 13:34:42

I'd have thought this was absolutely fine.

ExRatty Tue 07-May-13 13:40:28

fever night fever night feverrrr <white jackets>
in the navy you can sail the seven seas <navy n white>

wigglesrock Tue 07-May-13 13:41:11

It's fine, I was really surprised in general about that other thread. I couldn't have given 2 shiney shites what colour a guest wore to my wedding. A friend of mine wore a white trouser suit to my wedding and I think last night when reading the thread was the 1st time I'd thought of it in 15 years smile

Freddiemisagreatshag Tue 07-May-13 13:43:31

The only thing I remember about anyone wearing anything to a wedding was years ago at a very sticks up arse wedding when the photographer refused to let my exH pushy cousin in the fuschia pink suit and big hat that showed off her cleavage to maximum effect, push in at the very front.

He said her boobs would be too distracting she'd have to stand at the back.

Quare made my day that did.

Pootles2010 Tue 07-May-13 13:43:57

I wore white jacket other weekend to friends wedding, over a nude lace dress, was fine. Well, I hope it was, nobody said anything!

CocacolaMum Tue 07-May-13 13:45:00

Navy and white is fine. white and white is not.

JohnSnowsTie Tue 07-May-13 13:48:00

Agree it's fine!

Didn't know myself until about 2 years ago re the no white dress rule, when a bride I knew was upset about people wearing variations of cream!

Tweasels Tue 07-May-13 13:51:42

That other thread is nuts, I had no idea that people would be so bothered by stuff like this.

Even by taking into account what has been said on the other thread I think it should be fine.

MaxPepsi Tue 07-May-13 13:52:49

No different to wearing any other white accessory.

I have worn in the past a green dress with white shawl, shoes, handbag, hat - it was summer and bloody red hot.

But I agree with the no white dress......whether the bride is bothered or not you just end up looking a bit of tit on the photo's.
One of my guests wore a dress similar to my bridesmaids - she knew what they were wearing and the colour - but still went ahead. I wasn't bothered as took no real notice of anyone except DH but other people commented and she felt uncomfortable then.

squoosh Tue 07-May-13 13:57:23

Navy and white is very traditional I'd have thought.

The only white you need to avoid as a wedding guest is a white dress.

everlong Tue 07-May-13 14:05:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsLettuce Tue 07-May-13 14:06:44

yy, that sounds fine!

SingSongMummy Tue 07-May-13 14:09:49

I wouldn't wear anything white, mainly because it really sticks out in the photos. One of my close friends wore a lovely white chat to my wedding and I didn't notice on the day, but in all the photos the eye is drawn to the two people in white! I wasn't bothered, but someone a but more bridezilla might be!

SingSongMummy Tue 07-May-13 14:10:13

Coat, not 'chat'

Katienana Tue 07-May-13 14:15:07

White or cream accessories are fine - just no white dress!

Bricklestick Tue 07-May-13 14:18:25

I got married in purple. I got very upset as my mum and sister both wanted to wear purple as a result. I wouldn't have minded, but they'd both seen the dress! Mum's dress was mainly green, so that was fine, but the dress sister had chosen was so fucking hideous I wanted to die the wrong size in the end, so she ended up in beige.

Couldn't give a stuff what colour the rest of the guests wore though, frankly.

giraffacake Tue 07-May-13 14:42:21

I think that's fine, as long as it's not "bridey" in any way and it doesn't sound like it is.

I wore a white dress once but it was not remotely bridal in the slightest. I didn't give it any second thought at the time and I'm hoping pretty sure that no one else thought anything of it.

The dress in question was quite casual. I accessorized with a very large tan belt around me waist and popped a cropped denim waistcoat over the top. I had a cream flower in my hair, a matching clutch bag and lots of chunky wooden jewellery.

The overall effect was a little like this: Dress

Looking back now I'm seriously hoping that I didn't offend anyone, particularly the bride, but I fail to see how that outfit was an attempt to "upstage".

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