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To be absolutely fed up with Aspace and their lack of service

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shinybaubles Tue 07-May-13 10:38:23

I have ordered bedroom furniture costing just under 2k, so not a small order and paid extra for assembly. After ordering I got a call from their logisitcs company giving today as a delivery date, an hour later another call the delivery would be 7am as we would be first on the list and would this be ok, a bit early but yes fine. Then at the end of last week another call they would not be delivering today, as they hadn't got the furniture from Aspace, and couldn't give us any other date either, call Aspace they said. So we did Aspace claim they have the furniture call logistics company etc, this goes on and on. No help from Aspace or from their logistics company all passing the buck, and still no furniture, or delivery date.
Called again today spoke to someone else at Aspace who offered to sort it out and call back, fine call returned to be told someone else is dealing with it and will call at some other time.
Still no answer, no furniture and no delivery date. AIBU to be highly annoyed.
All I want is my furniture (the kids are sleeping on the floor), or a delivery date, and an apology.

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