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Not to accept MIL's facebook friend request

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Msgilbertblythe Mon 06-May-13 21:30:35

So the dreaded day has arrived and MIL has joined facebook and sent me a friend request. Don't get me wrong, she's a nice woman but I'm not close to her, we have nothing in common and I don't want her commenting on or seeing everything I do. I don't even use fb that much but I see it as a way to keep in touch with friends only. Her request has made me feel suffocated and pressurised into accepting. I wouldn't even accept my own mother should she suddenly discover what fb was and add me. AIBU in ignoring this request? AIBU to think some generations shouldn't even be on fb?

IHeartKingThistle Tue 07-May-13 00:38:06

I have ignored any requests from aunties, uncles, friends of my parents, oh and ILs. If they ask I make it into a joke and tell them I have a 'no-fogey rule'. It's not that I put anything on that I wouldn't want them to see - it's just that:
1. I like updating parents/ILs on what we've been up to myself. I enjoy the conversation without hearing 'oh yeah, I saw that on FB'. We use Flickr for sharing photos.
2. My Mum is not on FB and I know it would annoy if not upset her to have a friend or relative tell her about something I'd done if I hadn't told her yet. It's much easier this way!

squeakytoy Tue 07-May-13 00:53:37

I agree that whatsapp is my main way of communication with my friends now. Rarely use facebook anymore.

Calabria Tue 07-May-13 09:58:05

I have my twenty-something nieces on Facebook. Either they almost never post or I'm on a need-to-know filter. I know which my money is on grin

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