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To be utterly utterly bored with vintage shabby chic cath kidston letters on the wall boringness...

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Pantone363 Sun 05-May-13 22:08:40

3 friends at lunch all had Cath Kidston handbags with matching purses. We passed at least 4 shabby chic shops all replete with spotty tablecloths, rose print cases and wooden letters spelling out "home" "love" "wow" (thanks Kirsty).

It's IMPOSSIBLE to find cheap secondhand furniture (because I am poor) because its all been bought by people sanding, throwing on a coat of Farrow and Ball, artfully sanding it down again and flogging a chair for £200.

I've been on TWO vintage glam hen dos this year.

I'm sick of fucking cupcakes on flowery cardboard cake tiers.

Please tell me I'm not BU. it's the new twigs in cases isn't it?

MadBusLady Thu 09-May-13 16:04:52

Hm, not sure about woodwork. I wouldn't put it on window sashes or doors or anything else that regularly gets friction, I think it would probably chip off a lot more easily than an oil-based paint. And it's a chalky finish so it isn't going to give you the clean, smooth look an eggshell or a gloss gives you - that's part of why it works on old furniture.

bettycocker Thu 09-May-13 16:08:34

Ahh, thanks MadBusLady. I got all excited for a minute and thought I could slap it straight onto my doors, instead of having to do all the sanding and prep.

EffieTheDuck Thu 09-May-13 16:38:23

I painted everything my boring B&Q kitchen doors with it and apart from a bit of rough handling around the knobs shock it has held up well.
I would not use it on door frames as it is too chalky but you could cover it with a water based varnish. I repainted a Lloyd Loom chair and sealed the paint on with Pledge. <slob>

It is good for slapping on to melamine as you don't need primer or sanding.

bettycocker Thu 09-May-13 16:42:43

Thanks Effie. I have already done the door frames, so not a problem. If only I had known about this Annie Sloan paint sooner! Thanks for the info, I am going to try it out on everything.

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