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To be utterly utterly bored with vintage shabby chic cath kidston letters on the wall boringness...

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Pantone363 Sun 05-May-13 22:08:40

3 friends at lunch all had Cath Kidston handbags with matching purses. We passed at least 4 shabby chic shops all replete with spotty tablecloths, rose print cases and wooden letters spelling out "home" "love" "wow" (thanks Kirsty).

It's IMPOSSIBLE to find cheap secondhand furniture (because I am poor) because its all been bought by people sanding, throwing on a coat of Farrow and Ball, artfully sanding it down again and flogging a chair for £200.

I've been on TWO vintage glam hen dos this year.

I'm sick of fucking cupcakes on flowery cardboard cake tiers.

Please tell me I'm not BU. it's the new twigs in cases isn't it?

Pantone363 Sun 05-May-13 22:09:40

Cases is vases obvs.

TrinityRhino Sun 05-May-13 22:11:18

I want letters so I can put S H I T in the loo

and T W A T randomly in the kitchen

ChubbyKitty Sun 05-May-13 22:11:19

Yanbu. I've always liked stuff like that but tbh, I'm really starting to go off it because EVERYbody likes it.

Fairylea Sun 05-May-13 22:11:38


I hate the random words on things.... pictures, walls etc. If I didn't have kids I'd do a "fuck" and "knob" etc version in irony.

I hate it.

If I need the word "love" or "family" stamped somewhere I'd question myself.

But I know they're very popular.

bruxeur Sun 05-May-13 22:11:41

I want distressed-wood wall letters spelling out "CLUNGE" for the consulting room.

fairylightsinthespring Sun 05-May-13 22:11:59

so don't buy it. Go and buy a non farrow and ball'd chest of drawers from a charity shop for a reasonable price (and yes, they do exist) and leave the rest of us to decorate our cupcakes in peace smile

Highlander Sun 05-May-13 22:12:15

Thread vaguely about this last week.

MNer wanted something along the lines of 'fuck' 'arse' 'bitch' on her wall grin

Back2Two Sun 05-May-13 22:12:52

Yanbu .
Those words on the wall and posters saying things like " live, love and sing like every day is the first last day of your life and life is not a destination it's a journey and "mum's cafe" and I love cupcakes ........." Aargh!
I saw one in a nmagazine recently that said "Take a seat" and hung above someone's sofa in their lounge. WTF?

usualsuspect Sun 05-May-13 22:13:08


It's all very twee.

Pantone363 Sun 05-May-13 22:14:06

I was given "home" as a hen do gift.

I got rid of the M and now just have "hoe" in the bedroom

Pantone363 Sun 05-May-13 22:16:41

They really don't exist. I desperately need some new kitchen chaos secondhand. The charity shops have been cleared out so people can cover them in pretend Kidston and paint them cream because they watched Kirsty's fucking Vintage home

gordyslovesheep Sun 05-May-13 22:18:37

Bunting ...I am so through with bunting

Worriedmumofan8yearoldgirl Sun 05-May-13 22:18:47

I like it in small doses, such as the small accessories you can get in plain cream colours. But I don't like distressed trashed badly painted furniture

Worriedmumofan8yearoldgirl Sun 05-May-13 22:19:12

Gordy I hear you on the bunting

cozietoesie Sun 05-May-13 22:20:18

Go to an auction and buy antiques. At the moment, they're much much cheaper than you would think.


RenterNomad Sun 05-May-13 22:21:08

I should have known other MNers would have subverted the twee four-letter-word trope!

I'd pick SHIT and maybe EVIL and definitely need MESS.

Devora Sun 05-May-13 22:21:35

Little hearts tied onto cupboard handles with hairy string...

Worriedmumofan8yearoldgirl Sun 05-May-13 22:21:59

I need CHAOS and HELL for here

usualsuspect Sun 05-May-13 22:22:50

We went to Whitby last year, ever other shop was full of twee faded wooden hearts and flowery shit.

Where was the gaudy seaside tat I know and love,?

EggAndBaconUmbrella Sun 05-May-13 22:23:50


above a urinal.


in the bedroom


in the front room

RenterNomad Sun 05-May-13 22:26:01

HOME would make a great MEH, though, wouldn't it? You could prop the letters up next to any tat you have been obliged to display (incl. wedding invitations)

magimedi Sun 05-May-13 22:28:13

Just make yourself some cunt bunting. Not difficult, not expensive.

RenterNomad Sun 05-May-13 22:29:03

Perhaps it's just as well I move so frequently: shit like this simply doesn't "survive".

The Beautiful-and-Useful aesthetic can kick this trend's arse.

ChubbyKitty Sun 05-May-13 22:29:50

I want to throw it out there I prefer Japanese decor in my home but the vintage things are just ever so pretty... hate myself after this thread blush

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