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Microwaved scone?!

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Selks Sat 04-May-13 13:41:19

I'm in a cafe and have just ordered one of their lovely looking home made scones to go with my cafetiere of coffee.
Scone has just arrived and it's hot having been apparently microwaved! (think its microwaved as its kind of very soft and I heard a ping)
AIBU to think that is really quite odd and no way to treat a poor scone?!

thecatneuterer Sat 04-May-13 13:43:57

I love microwaved scones! I always do it if I have scones in the house. You've got to be really careful not to overdo it though or it goes rubbery. How come you're posting this instead of eating your lovely microwaved scone?

EffieTheDuck Sat 04-May-13 13:45:04

Eew. Toasted yes, microwaved no.

Selks Sat 04-May-13 13:46:23

Really? This is a thing that people actually do?

But scones are meant to be lovely and crusty on the outside, this is all softness!

OfflineFor40Years Sat 04-May-13 13:48:26

We often heat cheese scones up on the lowest setting, just so the butter will melt - yum, yumgrin

Selks Sat 04-May-13 13:48:36

I am eating scone with left hand and MNing with right hand.
The butter has melted on it - it's a whole world of sogginess.


thecatneuterer Sat 04-May-13 13:48:59

If you don't want it I'll have itsmile This has given me the urge to go out and buy scones. I really should learn how to make them.

Selks Sat 04-May-13 13:52:35

Well, it got eaten and will fuel my handbag hunt around the shops.

Still think its a bizarre thing to do!

trikken Sat 04-May-13 13:57:52

nooooooooo! I feel your pain. they should be cold. with lashings of clotted cream and a pot of strawberry jam.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sat 04-May-13 14:06:08

I have made a batch of cheese scones - I have friends coming for afternoon tea, and they are going to be delicious. I have even bought posh butter to butter them with.

thecatneuterer Sat 04-May-13 14:07:34

I'm off to google scone recipes ...

DrHolmes Sat 04-May-13 14:27:50

This is normal to me! Even in my parent's B and B we microwaved scones smile Melty butter deliciousness.

Buzzardbird Sat 04-May-13 14:30:54

It helps soften them if they are stale.

Buzzardbird Sat 04-May-13 14:31:02

It helps soften them if they are stale.

NotaDisneyMum Sat 04-May-13 14:34:05

I run a tearoom and am often asked to serve warm cheese scones (not toast them) - so if they're a few hours old, I'll pop it in the micro for a few seconds to refresh them.
Ideally, I try and serve all the scones (cheese and fruit) warm from the oven - I've never had complaints about it!

Scheherezade Sat 04-May-13 14:50:30

It could have been frozen?

Jinty64 Sat 04-May-13 15:03:56

We never have time for a morning tea break at work so, when we are feeling particularly stressed one of us runs to the tea room for some scones. We eat them lightly microwaved, we don't even need butter - delicious

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