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to be slightly shocked when my MIL advised adding juice to my 3mo's water so he'll drink it?

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poppyandthelion Fri 03-May-13 23:27:58

Hi, this is my first post!

I see my MIL every 3-4 weeks for an hour or 2 with my DS. This week at the visit I mentioned I have been trying to give him water but he's not really been interested. Her advice was to add juice to it..! He's 3 months old!

Also on a visit about a month ago she said that it wouldn't be long until I could give him rusks and prob from about 3 months. I said I'd be trying to not wean him until 6 months if I can but she thought that was silly and he could go much sooner.

These are not my main concerns as he's my DS and I'll be the one feeding him etc. For now.

When I go back to work we will have to have MIL looking after him 1 day a week and I'm slightly concerned as to what she'll feed him or give him to drink even with my instruction. My DP says he's turned out fine and all GM's spoil there GKs.


CheungFun Sun 05-May-13 08:31:33

I must say I was hugely relieved when it turned out that my pil would not be looking after DS one day a week. Honestly, paying a professional is a million times more preferable to me than having said pil ignoring my instructions and criticising every tiny thing I do. Having said that I realise not all in laws are the same!

I'd suggest a trial run with your mil looking after your baby and see how you both get on, she might find it's too much hard work, you might find a way to communicate better with her with regards to your wishes on weaning etc.

2rebecca Sun 05-May-13 09:02:50

If your baby is constipated you could try changing formula brands. Hungry baby milk is more prone to constipation than ordinary formula and unnecessary for most babies, just give them more frequent feeds if they're not gaining weight.
For constipation I'd use a small amount of diluted orange juice (not squash) if changing formula doesn't help.
I used childminders and yes I did give them fairly free reign on what they fed my kids as long as they weren't poisoning them. Wheat before 6 months was a definite no though, although both mine were in the wean at 4 months era and my oldest would have struggled waiting until 6 months as he had alot of reflux and some food (baby rice, fruit purees, mashed banana) instantly sorted it.
My inlaws brought up healthy children so I'd have just not wanted to hear too much detail if they'd been looking after the kids. If they'd raised obese kids who won't eat anything but chips and spagghetti hoops they wouldn't have been child minding my kids, but then I wouldn't have been married to their son.

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