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Grrr. Yahoo have RUINED my TV viewing experience!

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NoSquirrels Fri 03-May-13 12:41:32

Work freelance around preschoolers. Have tons of work on, regular childcarer off at the moment so have spent last few nights post-bedtime getting straight to work and not going to bed until early hours (when one DC or other is liable to wake/come into bed/etc) in order to meet looming deadlines. Situation miserable this week.

Have Sky+ed Masterchef finals week, looking forward to viewing it with glass of wine or two on sofa tonight (as clearly inhumane to work on a Friday evening).

Yahoo frontpage (which I cannot avoid to log into email) has big grinning pic of Natalie on it under 'winner from East London' caption. Clearly am thrilled for her, but WTF Yahoo! couldn't you have hidden the spoiler? You know, like the WHOLE BLOODY INTERNET knows how to do?

Grrr. AIBU?

aldiwhore Fri 03-May-13 12:46:43


It is NOT a spoiler as it's been aired.

Everyone wants to celebrate.

Should they not announce the winner of sporting events until everyone has caught up?

YES it's annoying when the announce the winner of the latest F1 race when I haven't seen it... but it's MY responsibility to avoid any news, not the world's to stay quiet until I've caught up.

The final won't be spoiled for you. She was ALWAYS going to win. The final is brilliant, each contestant truly shone.

Yaboo for you, YANBU to have stumbled over the news and feel miffed, YABU to expect it to be any other way.

EnidRollins Fri 03-May-13 12:55:46

I was about to agree with you, as I hate spoilers with a vengeance!
How the heck is it a spoiler though if it's already aired?! confused
How are they supposed to know you haven't watched it yet?!

Fakebook Fri 03-May-13 12:57:31

But you don't know what REALLY happened do you? You'll have to watch to find out wink.

TheseFoolishThings Fri 03-May-13 12:58:28

YABseriouslyU grin. How long do you think these things should be kept under wraps as a matter of interest? Are you ready to know yet who won the 1964 General Election?

NoSquirrels Fri 03-May-13 13:04:10

Of course, you are completely right, and IABVU.

It is a spoiler to me, though (you'll have to imagine my small, sad voice).

But, but, but - usually, there's a generic picture of all the contestants under a caption like "Masterchef winner revealed" and then you have to click through to find out ...

But I know IABU. Harumph. Arse. Etc.

NoSquirrels Fri 03-May-13 13:07:49

FoolishThings I have no idea who won the 1964 General Election! I could go onto the internet to find out but it might show me something else I didn't want to know...

Fakebook and others yes, you're right, I will still watch and enjoy. Just wish I could purge my brain of the final outcome.

Right, will get back to redirecting my anger at stupid work commitments instead that caused me not to watch in Real Time (like you might have done in 1964...)

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