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Doing your make up . . if really ill?

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Thumbtack Fri 03-May-13 09:47:24

I had to send one of the bar staff home yesterday lunchtime, soon after arriving very late for work. She is a young lass and not a bad worker, so no issue with employing her. However I had to (due to health and safety) as she told me she had been physically sick and throwing up all night due to worrying about x, y and z, hence the reason she was late.

But . . , she had a full face of make up on, including false eyelashes and had straightened her hair . .

Am i being a cynical old cow thinking it cant have been that bad if you managed to put on the full works of make up?

I'm a nice boss so its no big deal and of course i'll give her the benefit of the doubt but i was a bit hmm

Is it possible to be fraught with worry, physically sick and yet able to put false eyelashes on? Maybe I'm just getting old?

GlassofRose Sat 04-May-13 09:51:38

ahhh claps wasn't supposed to be in bold...

Bunbaker Sat 04-May-13 10:01:35

If I was unwell I would make a point of not putting make up on. Then I would get more sympathy because I looked so crap grin

And make up for going into hospital - blimey I have heard it all now. The thought of getting hot and sweaty with a face full of gunk - I can just feel my face breaking out into spots at the thought of it.

Are some people that shallow and vain self conscious without makeup?

BTW I am not some worthy that never wears it. I wear it for work and going out, but not for when I am at home as I like my skin to breathe.

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