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To think election results should not be reported untill they are all counted?

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Svrider Fri 03-May-13 08:36:13

I made the "effort"
I voted in the elections
I've searched the news, but our results are not counted yet
Despite this it appears that trends are been seen
That voters think...(Insert random comment)
The country has spoken
Apart from our bit of course, coz were not even included yet
I do think when voter turn out is do important then the voter should feel that their voice has been heard
Not sure mine has tbh
Hope this makes sense

ivykaty44 Fri 03-May-13 08:39:23

but perhaps you don't live in a strong - which ever party - seat so your vote may not count unless you over turn that - strong party- for another, then it will be reported later in the day

why should the voter be given any special rights by the press? The voter is allowed to vote, ruin their paper or stay away - it is the voters choice

kim147 Fri 03-May-13 08:45:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MiaowTheCat Fri 03-May-13 09:07:21

Nah - part of the fun of particularly General Election night is watching them desperately try to string out a few strands of insight for over an hour with only the result of Sunderland South to go on... a constituency where basically they'd vote with a 20k majority for a chimpanzee if it had a red rosette on it (used to live there so I'm not some kind of southerner sneering at the north). It's hilarious to watch the desperation descend as they pray for another result... which almost inevitably 45 minutes later is Sunderland North!

Svrider Fri 03-May-13 11:51:05

Still no results for my area!

Meerkatwhiskers Fri 03-May-13 11:58:37

My area is slow at counting too. Its only a small ward compared to surrounding wards and never has a good turnout. Meh. They reckon sometime this afternoon on the council website.

MiaowTheCat Fri 03-May-13 12:56:20

Our estimated declaration time isn't till 6pm. Want to know if we've got the two shower of shit local councillors who don't respond to contact gone.

I'm sad though and LOVE watching election results come in.

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