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AIBU to use thier sofa?

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Thumbtack Thu 02-May-13 07:55:38

When they are not looking?

Its only a small grubby sofa, but i am a big old girl with sore hips and the duvet in the corner, allocated to me, just doesnt cut the mustard.

I ONLY sneak on there when noones around, i.e. they may have gone out or even to bed, so its not like i'm depriving anyone of thier space.

I desperately try not to get caught, which is very good of me, IMO, but sometimes I'm in too deep a sleep to realise they are back.

Plus, I DO put a lot of effort into looking guilty if i am caught.

One of my upright housemates (big male one) complains I shed hair on it - which i do, but i cant help it - and this gets on his smart work clothes.

The other smaller female housemate tries to turn a blind eye, i think she has posted about this in 'the doghouse' section of MN - she shields the other housemate from the extent of my habit and feels very guilty.

I want to reassure her that its fine for me to do this even though I'm making this tiny sofa, smelly and hairy.

So do you think IABU to use thier sofa?

D0oinMeCleanin Thu 02-May-13 20:44:25


What you should do is sneak upstairs when they're not looking and sleep in the human bed, it's far superior to the sofa.


Every Greyhound in the entire world, ever.

SconeInSixtySeconds Thu 02-May-13 20:50:13

I have trained my female to lift me onto the sofa as I have sore knees and elbows. I just stand by the sofa and look really sorrowful and the next thing I know I am in my favourite spot with no effort.

I am hoping to train her to feed me on command next...

lisaro Thu 02-May-13 20:54:21

The ungrateful gits! You're warming the couch for them AND avoiding the bed. LTB.

SarahAndFuck Thu 02-May-13 21:15:12


It's a well known fact that having you in their house has a positive affect on their mental and physical health. You are a bringer of joy and sticks and dead things and farts and they are lucky to have you.

They ought to buy you a brand new sofa all of your own in thanks, and put it in the best spot to catch the sun. I've been toasting myself on a white leather Eames chair all afternoon because my owners know the value of a dog in the house and because Tall Man is out and Podgy Woman spoils me when he's not looking .

Love, Sarah's Dog

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