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To think that everyone should see this film?

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Lilka Tue 30-Apr-13 23:17:27

I saw the most fantastic short film (20 mins) yesterday. It's called 'All you need is love". It's about sexuality and bullying, and made in a world where heterosexuality is viewed as 'abnormal' and 'disgusting' by the majority of the population (who are nearly all gay).

It's amazingly well made, powerful and I had a cry at the end.

WIBU to say that I believe everyone should go take the 20 minutes to watch this film?

Not just the people on here, but (especially) teenagers in schools, since this is a film about bullying. Maybe this film will make them feel uncomfortable and also make them think

(ps. It's really very good. It's won 19 film festival awards already)

You can read a bit more about it and watch it here

Cherriesarelovely Tue 30-Apr-13 23:31:44

I think it is a very useful and enriching experience to really feel what it is like to be in the minority at some point in your life if you are not GENERALLY in the minority ifyswim! I felt like this when working abroad when I was conspicuous by being the only white person and I felt like this when I first came out as gay about 20 years ago. I will definitely watch that. Thank you.

Lilka Tue 30-Apr-13 23:34:37

Oops got the title wrong somehow, it's actually "Love is all you need?"

I agree Cherrie

Cherriesarelovely Tue 30-Apr-13 23:37:22

Do you know the weirdest part of "being different" for me? I am aware that other people see me as different but I don't "feel" different! I don't know if that makes any sense but I know my black DP feels the same.

Lilka Tue 30-Apr-13 23:59:19

No I completely understand that smile

I feel that way as a gay woman today, and I also feel that way as the adoptive mother to children who have noticable special needs (mental health and emotional issues). I am just living my normal life and it feels well, normal! But an outsider looking in would not see that, and I also sometimes get sudden stark reminders that I am in some ways different to other people around me - and these reminders are quite surprising when they hit me 'Oh! Oh yeah, other people don't feel this way/other people's kids don't do that/other people etc'

Cherriesarelovely Wed 01-May-13 00:11:53

Lilka- that is EXACTLY what I mean! I work with a lovely woman (I adore my job, have been there for 12 years and my colleagues are like family) and she is the only one that makes sort of fascinated remarks about my being gay! It's not that she is being nasty but it just shocks me every time she does it, like you say, I think "What? Oh yeah, she thinks I am different!" An example, when I was in hospital recently she said "Well, I be t that was fantastic for you.....eyeing up all them nurses"!!!!! As if I am some predatory lesbian!!! You know, you are gay, therefore you must fancy all women!

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