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to think the sink can wait???

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ariane5 Tue 30-Apr-13 22:09:48

Sink in bathroom cracked at the weekend.

DH went and got a new one, said he would fit in "at some point when we have time" (we have 4 dcs with health problems and life is hectic).

BUT he likes to get diy jobs done so yesterday left work an hour early to do it, unfrtunately he found it took longer than expected and I came home to a house full of mess, tools and sawdust and had to wait for him to clear up the mess before dcs could be bathed and put to bed.

Today he said he needed "half an hour to finish" at about 730pm and he is STILL doing it now. Dd2 has just woken up and ds2 has a temperature and is unwell. I asked could he settle dd2 and check her blood sugar (she is diabetic) and he has shouted at me as wants to finish the sink!!! I am downstairs bf a hot and grumpy baby and I'm so angry.

I know he is trying to fix something but he needs to know when to just leave it for the day. We can use kitchen sink or bath taps so its not the end of the world that the bathroom sink is not fixed or plumbed in.

I am so angry that he's being like this. He could leave it till tomorrow.I want to scream it is so frustrating to be trying to deal with all dcs by myself when he is faffing about in the bathroom at this time of day.

AIBU to be so annoyed?

inkyfingers Tue 30-Apr-13 22:20:04

Does he know how to fix it? Would you pay for a plumber?

You need a sink finished, he's doing it, bless him. Sorry, have a very large wine.

ariane5 Tue 30-Apr-13 22:24:22

Yes he can do it, its just taking ages. I know it needs doing but it could have waited till the weekend! We have been using kitchen sink for brushing teeth etc and bath taps for washing hands etc.

I know he just wants to get the job done but I just want a bath and to go to bed when ds2 is asleep.

Yes, large glass of wine is needed here.

Some people do get a bit fixated and just want to finish the job but get stressed that it's harder/ not as straight forward as they'd planned but in fact, I'm impressed he has gone to this effort to sort it out asap.

Go to bed and leave him to it.

ariane5 Tue 30-Apr-13 22:31:37

Fixated is the right word. Any sort of diy job and he HAS to get it done and is unsettled until whatever it is is fixed/made etc.

At least its not as bad as sunday night when he was putting it all together at 1 am. The drilling woke dd2 who was screaming "help! I can hear star wars clones coming to get me". That really did annoy me as then I had to sit up with her to settle her back to sleep.

I think I will just put ds2 in his cot now and have a brew sadly wine is out as bf!

Startail Tue 30-Apr-13 22:45:03

DHs prioritizing and Mum's prioritizing are never the same here too.

DH either does it now or in seven years time (yes, the shower took seven years I know I was expecting DD2).

I'm afraid there is no solution except grin and bear it.

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