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to think that Parcelforce should have delivered my hoover on Saturday whether a Saturday delivery had been paid for or not

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freddiefrog Mon 29-Apr-13 13:34:29

My hoover packed up last weekend, fairly spectacularly.

It was quite old, given to me by my mother and it had been really good up until smoke started pouring out of it and could cope with the dog/cat hair so wanted another one the same.

Found one on Amazon at a bargain price and free next day delivery on Amazon Prime, so last Monday morning ordered it for next day delivery.

Tuesday came and went - no hoover
Wednesday - ditto
Thursday - ditto

Phoned up the sorting office several times during the week to find out where my delivery was - kept being told it was out for delivery. Amazon got involved, was told it would be delivered without fail on Friday by 2pm.

2pm Friday - still no delivery. Phoned sorting office, kicked up a stink. Was told sorry, wouldn't be delivered Friday after all, it would be delivered on Monday.

', I need it, please deliver it tomorrow' says I.

'Oh no Madam, we can't deliver it tomorrow, the sender hasn't paid for a Saturday delivery'

Well, no Amazon didn't pay for a Saturday delivery, they paid for NEXT day delivery

By now, I've lost the will to live, I just want my hoover so I offer to collect it (which I had actually done several times but kept being told it was out for delivery), and am told, no, I can't do that either, as I don't have a missed delivery card.

And I still don't have my fecking hoover!!!!!

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