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Or can I be pissed off- baby name

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Madeupnamex Mon 29-Apr-13 11:58:27

Have name changes for this as know I'm going to get told off but I can't help but be annoyed!
Basically I work in a very small office me and another girl at work who I'm quite friendly with were expecting quite close to each other ish. We spoke about names both not giving away any ideas to much.
Anyway My lovely dd is 2 months old and we picked out a name not in top 50 which is a female version of a male name think along the lines of Philippa. Colleague had a little boy this week called the male version of the name eg Philip but in the top 50.
I can't help but feel a bit weird I know that I don't own the name but two babies in such a small team with very similar names I feel a bit weird
Iabu aren't I?!

SquinkiesRule Mon 29-Apr-13 21:45:25

In our school those two babies would be Michael and Michaela. they end up with the name Michael T and Michaela J or whatever their surname happens to be.
Dd had three girls named Kyra (now down to two after one moved house) and two boys named Brandon in her class.

carabos Mon 29-Apr-13 22:21:56

Ah bless you. I love these PFB threads - the fact that the babies are a boy and girl is an absolute gem. Almost as unreasonable as friend and former colleague of mine who worked as a mat leave cover contractor at our place.

She had to leave at the end of the contract and was very unhappy about that as she'd hoped for temp to perm. In fact a perm job then came up when the mat lady didn't return but friend didn't get the job. Subsequently the person who did get the perm job and who is resented and despised by my mate has recently given birth to a DD.

This new DD has been given the same name as friend's DD shock wink. Friend is in high dudgeon about this even though her own DD is 17 grin. She thinks that its been done to rub her nose in it hmm. You couldn't make it upgrin.

HoveringKestrel Mon 29-Apr-13 23:38:04

I am in two minds about this really

You're not being unreasonable for wanting your child to have a uniquie name because that child is YOUR child and unique because it is unique to you

But after all this time, the name either suits the child...or it doesn't. Don't make an Olympic Games out of it.

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