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to think that jobs within the caring profession are ridiculously low paid??

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whattimestea Sun 28-Apr-13 20:45:20

I have been a SAHM for a couple of years now but my family's circumstances have changed meaning that i'm now back actively looking for work.

I've signed up to a few online job search engine type things and every day I get alerts to new jobs which have been posted onto it. I look at the jobs whether they match my skills and experience or not - out of curiosity if anything. I've looked at a couple of jobs which have been advertised. Both in the caring sector. Now, i'm not trained in anything remotely health or care orientated whatsoever. I've never had any experience of nursing/residential homes in my personal life either. But I don't feel I need to have to be under the impression that it would be very demanding both physically, mentally and/or emotionally. Also you would feel a great deal of responsibility and duty as you are being entrusted with looking after the well-being of another human. Someone's mum or dad, son or daughter for example. Their quality of life is in your hands so to speak??

The jobs which were advertised were in a childrens home and a nursing home. Both vacancies specified that they wanted experienced people for the role - the latter wished for at least 5 years experience plus for it to be in a specialised area (in this case dementia and elderly care). In the case of the childrens home they were offering a zero hour contract stating that you needed to be available as and when and also be willing to work in whichever place needed you throughout quite a wide area. For this they were paying £6-50 per hour. The elderly care job was shift work and also specified that NVQ level 3 was essential. It was a senior carers role and the successful applicant would be the lead carer of the team. They were paying £7 an hour!!

Like I said my knowledge of the ins and outs of such jobs is non-existent so maybe IABU? Is this really representative of how jobs within this field pay their staff??

TuppenceBeresford Mon 29-Apr-13 15:05:05


My husband is a care worker, supporting people who suffer from mental illness. It isn't a job "anybody" could do - I volunteer with vulnerable people and much as I try my best, no way could I do it as a full-time profession; it leaves me drained and exhausted and I'm just not gifted in that way whereas DH definitely is. He and his collegues are paid around £7 an hour - I think it's scandalous.

DH works for a charitable organisation but don't even get me started on care-homes; how can it be OK for companies to make a profit out of caring for vulnerable people?

DoubleLifeIsALifeHalved Mon 29-Apr-13 22:13:19

Yes my story scares me too! I am still very upset from it all for myself, but also cos I'm not the easiest of people to treat like this and I shudder at what they will have done to people more vulnerable than myself... Not good.

And Yes it's the money straight to the carer not to an agency skimming it all off the top!

OhHullitsOnlyMeYoni Wed 01-May-13 09:50:32

A little off topic but it even goes up to Doctors. Two of my school friends have now moved abroad because they are simply not paid anything comparatively to USA and Australia for their skills. One went to Oxford got a Doctorate and worked for here for peanuts developing Cancer cures unti head hunted by a USA company. A recent study she has worked on is now becoming world an amazing American progression in science and medicine hmm (fair enough as she has all of the facilities she needs) and the other went to St Barts and only just fully qualified at 32 (because that is how long it takes) is now after one solitary job in London against thousands of others. It is truly shocking how we are shunting the nice, caring people out of the country because society refuses to pay them properly.

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