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Help required please.

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Dawndonna Sat 27-Apr-13 09:33:58

Sorry, it's a sort of AIBU because I want to do horrid, horrid things to this person but that would make me no better.
There is a page on Faceache entitled: Asperger's is funny because they turn into murderers
Please, please can we all report so that it gets taken down.
Thank you.

Purple2012 Sat 27-Apr-13 10:20:20

That is disgraceful.

Gossipmonster Sat 27-Apr-13 10:21:08


Lucyellensmum95 Sat 27-Apr-13 10:25:16

fucking hell - there's some pricks in the world isn't there. I'll report for you - although i am willing to bet the fuckers don't remove it!

Forgetfulmog Sat 27-Apr-13 10:29:27

Wtaf?? I'm not on fb I'm afraid or I would report too.

thornrose Sat 27-Apr-13 10:33:00

Oh fantastic sad angry

I'm not on FB but Aspie dd is, I hope she doesn't see it!

pippitysqueakity Sat 27-Apr-13 10:33:48

Couldn't find page to report, maybe it worked!

Lucyellensmum95 Sat 27-Apr-13 10:35:47

sad I couldnt find the page, but found several similarly disparaging pages, fortunately they seem to be pretty poorly followed, reported them though. These pages are mostly going to be set up by idiotic teenagers trying to get a rise out of thier friends. Ignore and report!!

Dawndonna Sat 27-Apr-13 10:40:27

It comes up on google.
And yes, Aspie dd found it this morning. Very distressed.
I'm so angry.

Dawndonna Sat 27-Apr-13 10:40:48

Oh, sorry.
Thank you, everyone! 'scuse my bad manners.

ChaoticTranquility Sat 27-Apr-13 11:15:14

Reported it.

WhyParkThere Sat 27-Apr-13 11:20:37


There is no point reporting it, its better off being ignored, they won't shut the page down because its freedom of speech, but they will tell the page owner how many reports they got and it will spur them on because they got the reaction they crave.

You are better off making a positive awareness page and get followers for that.

Reporting pages on fb only feeds the troll.

Dawndonna Sun 28-Apr-13 09:34:49

Thank you folks. The page has been removed and Facebook have assured me they are keeping an eye on things.

Jinty64 Sun 28-Apr-13 10:05:02

Well done you! Fortunately ds doesn't do Facebook.

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